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Digital casinos have been growing in popularity over the years, and it’s not hard to see why. The lure of easy money and convenience is certainly a draw. But a crowdfunded casino is even more so attractive because it’s such a novelty, even more so if the currency they use is Bitcoin.

That is exactly what Bet King Casino offers. Known as one of most renowned Bitcoin gaming platforms there is, this site has a crowdfunded bankroll where players can bet against. In its history, the bankroll has reached a peak of approximately 5000 BTC invested, where the larger winner received 200 BTC, which equals around 127.000 USD. On a site note, Bet King currently holds the record for hosting the biggest bet ever placed using Bitcoin currency until this date.

While this casino is surely a very innovative project, it only features a dice game as its entertaining factor.

So if we were to compare it to other sites in this aspect, we are going to find it a bit lacking of options.


As an example, Mansion’s pillar of strength, offers an exceptional range of online casino games from classics like the online Roulette to slots based on movie characters. These games are certainly entertaining and you can play using real money or in demo mode, which lets you practice your betting skills for free.

Featuring only one type of game is something that could definitely be improved, but that does not stop Bet King from being one of the most, if not the most popular Bitcoin casino available. The fact that its bankroll is completely crowdfunded means that anybody can invest and cash some coin from someone else’s bet.

If you wish to get started on the Bitcoin scene, the first you should do would be getting a BTC wallet and buy some coins. Once you have your wallet you can raise your currency by buying through popular exchangers. This can be easily accomplished thanks to trusted sites such as Paxful, which offers many payment methods.

There is nothing stopping you from practicing your gambling skills or even make some money online through these sites.

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