IT security at online casinos is something that casino operators are taking seriously. They are already taking the necessary steps needed to secure their platforms in such a way that it would be virtually impossible for hackers to break in. Again, security is a big concern among users who are doing it for the first time on the internet. This category of consumers is often afraid that their banking information would land in the wrong hands as a result of conducting transactions in unfamiliar casino platforms. These concerns breed a rich haven for IT security industry to become a lucrative niche as far as online casinos are concerned.

Why IT security for online casinos is something that the industry is taking seriously

While land-based casinos continue to operate business without having to worry about these things, online casinos still have to grapple with security concerns. These problems are driven by the fact that many users are now able to access online casinos using mobile devices. In fact, in the last couple of years, casinos have recorded an increasing number of users accessing their platforms using mobile devices as opposed to desktop devices. So it was naturally anticipated for security problems to arise.

An instance of online casino security breach

If you want to know why Royal Vegas online casino is taking security very seriously, then perhaps you should familiarize yourself with past incidences where casino security was compromised.

Let’s take a look at one high-profile case in 2001 where Cryptologic (a casino software provider) had 2 of their licensees comprised. This security breach resulted in over 100 casino users winning a whooping $2.4 billion since the machines had been reprogrammed in favor of players.

Another incident involving two online casinos occurred in 2007. In this incident, users lost money as a result of an inside job that saw opposing players being put in a disadvantageous position. Surprisingly enough, these 2 online casinos were brought down by the FBI due to crimes related to fraud.

Steps that casinos are taking to make their platforms safe for players

Royal Vegas online casino user security is being taken seriously by implementing certain steps that will make it nearly impossible for unwanted persons to intrude the system.

Right now, Royal Vegas and other online casinos have strict personal identification checks for each player. They have also implemented account identifiers and withdrawal verification to make it harder for hackers to gain access or comprise the system.

You see, certain aspects of cheating which are rampant in land-based casinos are eliminated with online gambling as well. Techniques such asslot machine manipulation, hand mucking and many other similar tricks are not possible to implement on the internet. That’s one reason why serious gamblers are choosing to enjoy their casino experience on the internet.


IT security for online casinos will grow tremendously in the long run because both users and casino operators want fair and safe gaming experience for all parties involved. And the only way to solve this challenge is to bring IT security on board. Therefore, IT security will continue to exist and grow as online casinos become popular in the near future.

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