More and more players today prefer playing indie games rather than spending time on spectacular video ones that are similar to a blockbuster, than an actual gaming contest. Are you a huge fan of this type of leisure activities? What is more, can you imagine your life without PC or video consoles? If your heart calls out each time you see the news about new releases of long-awaited games, then you are hooked on them. In order to be aware of all the recent, we have selected indie games 2017 that you have to play anyway.

  • Hello, neighbor

Hello, neighbor created by Dynamic Pixels has become a real hit once it was released. Although it is labeled as horror, it is extremely entertaining and goofy. Have you ever wondered what is hidden in your neighbor’s basement? If you are eager to reveal this mystery, this will be your cup of tea. What is more, its best part is the evolution of AI each time you fail, thus the next time your steps must be much tricky and smarter. If you think outside the box, you will finally be a winner.

  • Overland

If you have spent sleepless nights playing popular Canabalt while UK EduBirdy has been doing your homework instead of you, then the new brainchild of Adam Saltsman, Overload will also be to your taste. Overland has to be mentioned in any new top indie games charts, as this tactical survival strategy captures your attention from the first second. Do you want to transform into a survivor and fight with numerous monsters in the post-Apocalyptic settings? Moreover, do you fancy creating your own weapons using the supplies you have found? If this intrigues you, then you should discover the world of Overland.

  • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Inspired by ancient Celtic culture, this psychological independent game has become a successful bestseller this year. A romantic plot about warrior Senua, who fights her way to rescue the dead soul of her lover from a goddess. Besides, she suffers from psychosis and past memories all the way. Bye the bye, the developers of this app did consult with mental health specialists while creating this masterpiece to reproduce this real-life condition in details. If you fancy playing mysterious and at the same time terrifying puzzles, you will hit the bull’s eye.

  • Little Nightmares

This game was created in the best traditions of horror. You are a little girl, who is escaping from an underwater prison by fighting various terrifying creatures. Sounds hairy? The atmosphere of it is really spooky, but the picture is pretty bright and colorful. If you wish to play this puzzle thing once, you will not regret.

  • Perception

As many critics say, this is a fresh take on haunted house horror. Developers that created such bestsellers as BioShock and BioShock Infinite did their best in producing this hit. You, as the main character sees the world through echolocation, and this ended up being a really interesting and horrifying medium of perception. If you enjoy all the horrible things, this is exactly what you are looking for this year.

  • Not a Hero

This is a very bizarre and weird idea by British developers. You need to help a violet rabbit BunnyLord to win his race by literally fighting the criminals, and finally become Lord Mayor of Britain, who will save the world from Alien invasion. A bit stupid? You will not think like this once you start playing and it captures you fully.  If you are a fan of British humor, this game will absolutely become your fave.

Not many people prefer this type of games, as they do not have any dramatic visual special effects or high-quality picture. In most cases, they are underrated and unnoticed because of numerous long-awaited and high-budget software created by famous EA, Activision or other giants in the gaming world. However, for true connoisseurs of conceptuality, they are a true treasure. Most of them have unlimited time for playing together with randomly generated places and supplies, and, what is more, most of them have a multiplayer mode, thus you can play with your friends. I hope my reviews on the best indie games of 2017 will come in handy once you decide to spend time on playing. Check Steam or another gaming platform for all the novelties.

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