Some of the biggest offices in Britain have quirky and cool features like ping pong tables, nail bars, cinemas, etc. But, only a few can be considered the best.

To shine a spotlight on the best, Adzuna, a jobs site put together a list of the 10 coolest offices in the area. And, guess which one of our favorite online casino software juggernauts was on the list?

If you answered, Microgaming, you would be 100% correct. And, when you think about it, it seems like such a natural fit. A gaming company should be filled with spaces where employees can express themselves. After all, they make it possible for you to enjoy online gambling for real money or for fun at Royal Vegas Casino and the other sites that they power. And, as you will soon see, Microgaming is once more at the forefront of innovation. They are showing other gaming companies how it should be done.

The building in question was completed July 31st, 2017, 2 years after construction began. And, why not? Anything worth having is worth the wait. Especially since the five-story office building is home to over a hundred of Microgaming’s employees. It even features a beautiful sky bridge that joins the existing office to the new building – creating a campus-like feel.

To ensure that employees are provided with the best possible working environment, the new building features standing desks, hot desks, break out areas, and work booths.

But, the executives know that all work makes for dull employees. So, in their wisdom, they encourage employees to take time away from their desks. To this end, they turned the whole fourth floor into a communal area that features a pool table, table tennis table, library, poker table, and a dartboard.

And, that’s just the beginning! The office building also comes with a fully equipped in-house gym and treatment room so that employees can take steps to better their health and/or relieve frustration conveniently. Plus, exercise not only helps employees lose weight, it can also improve focus and concentration.

For staff members who are looking to refuel, there is a coffee shop that features a coffee blend that is exclusive to Microgaming blend of coffee. And, the features don’t end there. The building also has a stunning rooftop garden that offers beautiful panoramic views of the Isle of Man. And, if you don’t want to enjoy the view without going to the garden, it’s ok. The view can also be enjoyed using a periscope in the reception area.

As you can see, a lot of effort and time went into designing and creating a building that will not only inspire productivity, it also allows employees to feel empowered. Plus, as you can see with the rooftop garden, they utilized every space beautifully.

And, for those Eco Warriors among us, it may also interest you to know that the office was designed to be as environmentally friendly as well. In fact, it has a BREEAM rating that’s no less than excellent.

The tasks that the employees at Microgaming are responsible for tend to require a lot of skill and brain power. But, although mentally challenging, some of the work is fairly monotonous. Let’s face it, coding is not the first thing that we think about when discussing glamorous occupations. The big wigs at Microgaming made things a little easier by ensuring that their employees feel more comfortable while they’re at work.

Giving them a work environment that is relaxing and restful, will help everyone involved. Not only will it create more loyal and hardworking employees, it will help Microgaming as well. After all, happy employees are productive employees.

Rusty Shackleford

Rusty Shackleford

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Rusty Shackleford