Indie games are independent video games that are created without the financial support of the publisher. This makes them cheaper and affordable for college students who are relying on funds from the parents for upkeep. In addition, the games focus on digital distribution and innovation. This means that they are easily accessible for college students. It is also arguable that the games are the work of individuals who mind the gaming community thus coming up with something appealing. Lastly, the games are more original and with more interesting ideas making them more suitable for college students. Even though not all indie games are appealing and thus cannot be played by everyone, some are recommended to college students because they are not only entertaining but also educative.

Types of Indie Games

While there are numerous types of indie games, experts from Essay Zoo recommend these five major ones namely “A Good Player is Hard to Find,” “At a Distance,” “Independent Games Festival,” “Farm for your Life,” and “Primordia.”

A Good Player Is Hard To Find

This is an indie game by Charley Miller, which is described as cooperative and competitive even though being completely unconnected to technology. The game is played with a huge volleyball court that has four circle adhesive patches that are colored and attached to the four sides. When playing, players from opposite sides should work together to have the same type of color and more patches passed to the following circle. This makes the game cooperative. On the other hand, there are proponents adjacent to the team and thus working hard to off the path of the first team and make the same goal. This makes the game competitive. Players play by taking turns rotating the ball with each turn being expected to remove or add a piece.    

At a Distance

This is a game designed by Terry Cavanagh who is also the designer of VVVVV. It is considered a great little coop gameplay making it a very interesting puzzle. The game is played by having player 1 explore the environment while on the left while the second player on the right builds the first player’s environment. In order to win, the game requires smashing brains and a lot of teamwork. In addition, it is entertaining because it uses some super fluorescent ASCII style art.  

Independent Games Festival

This is one of the major competitions for indie games that have been in existent for over ten years. It is defined as a coming of an age party for several runaway successes such as Narbacular Drop later becoming Portal, Darwinia, Everyday Shooter, and Gish. Since the competition has a number of games and played by different players, it is divided into four groups namely main competition, the mobile awards, mod competition, and student showcase.

        It is also notable that the awards of the main competition are done in seven categories namely audience award, seumas McNally grand prize, best web browser game, excellence in visual art, technical excellence, excellence in audio, and innovation award. Further, mod competitions are awarded to the best single player FPA, best overall entry, multiplayer FPS, and RPG. In addition, the awards are publicized at the ceremony taking place at the time of the Game Developers Conference. This might be equated with the pattern when students pay for essay. Hence this type of game is the one in which one plays, gets entertained, and still wins and gets paid.     

Farm for your Life

This is a game for the Halloween season incorporating a farming, survival simulator, and a restaurant in one. During the farming episode, there are zombies coming out during the night with the main aim of stealing one’s produce. The crop zombies are a great threat to the player who needs the crops as the lifeblood means of trading for what the player needs to feed the hungry survivors offering materials that one could not otherwise get. It is notable that the materials are very important to help build weapons needed to protect one’s fields. The farming episode has fewer zombies and thus with more romance, hours of play, and more stories that suited for those interested in more hours of playing.  


This is a very important game for those interested in advanced technology. The player takes the role of Horatio Nullbuilt, who is a sentient robot living in a barren world that is full of other robots, which are violent and strange. As the game progresses, the power core that is keeping Horatio and his friend Crispin Horatiobuilt is stole from the derelict ship. At this stage, the player with his companion set for a journey that would lead them to discover the truth behind human beings genocide as well as reveal Horatio’s unknown origin. With its complexity, the game shows a beautiful but decayed and depressed world (Cummings, 2016).


The described games are involving and thus make students more innovative while at the same time remaining entertained. With the complexity involved, the players feel educated and improve their critical thinking skills. In order to win, the players not only have to understand the playing rules but also think more critically in order to be better than their competitors. Once a player loses, one would be encouraged to practice more and thus perform better or even win in the following game. Since there are also competitions, students would interact and play with people from different regions.  

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