The last few years have seen an upsurge in publicity for electronic cash. With Bitcoin the current champion of the cryptocurrency boom, and many more variants enjoying increasing popularity, it’s factoring into many people’s idea of our shared financial future. But how does this new payment method affect gaming, and how will it bring about positive change in the gaming universe? This article explores four ways in which cryptocurrencies will help gamers to enjoy their hobby with increased ease, setting a new playing field for the gaming universe to inhabit.


One of the great benefits of cryptocurrencies is the anonymity they grant users. We’ll not get into the technicalities of how this works, though you’ll be able to find explanations online. However, this anonymity has multiple benefits for gamers who’re looking to keep their purchases discreet and private. Whether you’d prefer to hide sensitive material you’ve purchased, or hoping your friends won’t find out you paid a little extra to boost your abilities, cryptocurrencies have your back when it comes to making your purchases anonymous and difficult-to-track.


Another benefit of the very same feature of cryptocurrencies that allows anonymity, you’ll find all your purchases are cheaper when you use the likes of Bitcoin to buy games, extensions or in-play tokens. That’s because cryptocurrencies are independent of financial regulators and banks, which means there’s no third party or regulator to siphon off some of your payment, making everything from controllers to games to laptops and games consoles more expensive. Your purchases will also be tax-free, as there are no institutions to track and tax what you spend in cryptocurrency. This drives the price down further, making for more affordable gaming.

Blockchain Games 

The technology that underpins cryptocurrencies is called blockchain, and while it may be a little hard to wrap your head around, it’s creating a whole new kind of gaming niche. Blockchain games can range across gaming genres, from sandbox creation spaces to simple arcade gaming. They’re incredibly fun and addictive, with the added benefit that the more you play, the more literal value you create, through earning cryptocurrency. It’s a far cry from the useless rewards most games provide to keep you interested, and it means that you’re essentially being paid to play, which is an idyllic dream for most gamers!

Up The Stakes 

Elsewhere in the field of gaming, there are Bitcoin games – and, more specifically, the kind of gambling games that people are often less than keen to play when it means depositing real cash or providing access to our bank accounts. Sites like provide a pleasant platform for you to play all your favorite casino games, like roulette, power and the slots, all by simply depositing some currency from your bitcoin wallet. You benefit from the anonymity highlighted above, while also being able to withdraw any amount instantaneously in order to reinvest your bitcoin in other types of gaming purchases.

Clearly, cryptocurrencies are setting new trends in the gaming universe that the most up-to-date and experienced gamer will delight in. So, exchange for electronic cash today and enjoy a new way to purchase and play.

Greg Micek

Greg Micek

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Greg Micek


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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
Greg Micek