Whether we realise it or not, the gambling industry and the music industry are closely tied together. Leading singers perform in the most renown casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and gambling software companies work with music experts to create the appealing and exciting tunes we hear while playing slot games.

There are even music-themed slots in existence today, which give players a chance to listen to famous tracks of some of the most popular music artists in the world while spinning the reels.

In today’s article, we will delve into the music of the gaming industry, discussing how music makes punters more willing to gamble, and we will also present you with some of the best music-themed slots ever made.

The effect of music in casino games

As any other type of music, casino music aims to entertain players. But what casino music offers is a different kind of entertainment – it does not make you want to dance, but instead influences your mood and makes you want to listen to more of the same music. No surprise you tend to play slots longer when you play with the sounds on – slot games’ music is programmed in a way that affects your psychology and lures you into playing.

Secondly, the music of casino games makes our wins feel more enjoyable. You might have failed to notice, but each time you win, you can hear sounds of clapping, bells, sirens, and even coin sounds. All these sounds affect your perception and make wins seem like the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Another thing to take into account it that casino games’ music is used to direct players. Back in the early days, slots’ music was used to indicate payouts or losses. Today, on the other hand, most slots boast over 400 sounds, a good number of which are aimed to direct players how to play the game. Some of the game’s sounds are intended to show how you have performed when playing the game.

Best music-themed slot games

As you can see, casinos and gambling software companies use music in a pretty ingenious way, making you willing to gamble more. But what about music-themed slots? Well, those maintain your attention by streaming your artists’ most famous tracks. Below, we have reviewed three of the best music-themed slot games kindly provided by www.casinogamespro.com/play-casino-games to you to play and enjoy some of the best tracks in the music industry.

Elvis the King Lives

Developed by WMS, Elvis the King Lives is a slot game with a unique reel layout – the game boasts 11 reels and 80 fixes pay lines. On them, players can find various symbols relative to the King’s songs, such as blue suede shoes, guitar, a dog. On top of this, players can also see the King himself on the reels.

The slot comes with a set of amazing bonus features like Wilds and Free Spins. Amazingly, there are two different ways to trigger the Free Spins bonus.

The best part about this slot game is the music – famous singles of Elvis are streamed in the background while the reels are spinning, and players can hear crowds of fans praising the King.


Motörhead is one of the best rock bands ever made and ingenious game developer NetEnt has made a great slot game dedicated to the well-known English band. Motörhead slot has five reels and 76 pay lines, and a set of amazing bonus features which guarantee you hours of fun.

The slot is designed in a heavy-rock fashion with symbols depicting silver bells, red sevens and many more. What is more, NetEnt has done its homework in terms of both bonus features and background music – players can listen to their favourite Motörhead singles while playing, including the well-known hit Ace of Spades.

Jimi Hendrix

Without Jimi Hendrix, the 1960s would not have been such fun! Even though the guitarist and songwriter had a mainstream career for four years, he was influential enough to motivate one of the world’s leading gambling software companies—NetEnt—to immortalise him in one of their greatest music-themed slots.

Jimi Hendrix is a five reel slot with 20 fixed pay lines, which boasts an amusing psychedelic theme.  The reels feature symbols of flowers, music-related items, hearts, and eyes. The Wild is represented by a symbol of Jimi himself. In a typical NetEnt fashion, the game comes with amazing bonus features. Two features can be activated during the main game – the Purple Haze and the Red Guitar Re-Spin.

The Purple Haze bonus feature is activated when a purple haze symbol appears on the first reel, and the Red Guitar symbol is triggered when at least four Red Guitar symbols appear on the reels, awarding players with one Re-Spin.

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