An indie developer should be insane. Madness is very useful. It pushes for risks, strengthens motivation and reduces painful feelings from failures, just like morphine. At present, the concept of an indie developer has become much wider than it was 10 years ago. Roughly speaking, now, an indie developer is the one, who makes a game at his own expense without the influence of the producer. And it does not matter which budget of his project is, whether it is $0 or $10,000,000. And the composition of the team can vary from one to several dozen people in the team.

And back in the day, indie developers were just individual visionaries, who made games themselves, realizing almost all the content and code on their own. They were idealists, and, like a hungry artist, they did not care how popular their game was. It was important to express themselves and show their original views to the public.

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#1 Q.U.B.E 2

Since the moment Valve presented its extremely successful puzzle Portal, indie developers took on the task to make a number of clones of this game. Against the background of most handicrafts, the first part of Q.U.B.E was favorably different. It would seem that an unnamed character walks around the minimalist levels of a laboratory and moves objects with magnetic gloves can’t be either interesting or unique. But the creators were able to diversify the simple formula significantly, making each new level not similar to others. There are both platforming, puzzles, and manipulations with various objects, such as magnets, laser beams, balls, etc.

The second part promises to surpass the first absolutely in everything. The graphics component will be considerably improved. In addition, a full story will be added, telling about the girl-archeologist, who turned out to be in an unknown world.

Scorn is a first person survival horror game that's on Kickstarter.

# 2 Scorn

The action takes the player into a nightmare universe, inspired by the painful imagination of Hans Giger, a Swiss artist, who took part in the creation of famous xenomorphs from the Stranger franchise. The world will be divided into locations, each of which will have its own visual style and features, and some will even be filled with disgusting and horrific creatures.

# 3 DarQ

A frightening two-dimensional adventure follows the story of the boy Lloyd, who caught himself in his nightmares. To save himself from numerous opponents and overcome the obstacles he encounters on his way, the guy will have to face his own phobias and fears. Eerie dreams will be filled with moderately complex puzzles based on manipulating the world around them. Some sections of the levels can be covered secretly, avoiding any encounters with antagonists.

# 4 Pray for the Gods

Owners of personal computers can rejoice now. Their platform will soon see their own Shadow of the Colossus where you can also climb the backs of giant creatures, revealing their weaknesses and causing deadly attacks. In addition to the obvious similarity with the aforementioned PlayStation exclusive, the creators allude to some commonality with the role-playing game Deus Ex and DayZ. It is likely that the gameplay will be supplemented with elements of character building, crafting, and survival.

The heroine will be thrown onto a snow-covered island. It becomes clear according to the trailers that one of the weapons will be a self-made bow, which is useful not only in the battle with the Titans but also in the attack of smaller opponents such as wolves and other wild animals.

# 5 Super Meat Boy: Forever

The original Super Meat Boy can be rightly considered a really hardcore platformer, which, in fact, gathered a huge base of fans around it. The meaning of the game is pretty simple. The protagonist simply plays a role of a piece of meat. You need to get from one end of the level to the other in order to save your girlfriend from the clutches of the malicious Dr. Fetus. The problem is that the level is crammed with circular saws, spikes, abysses and other traps, the collision with which automatically leads to a loss.

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