We’ve been playing Throne: Kingdom at War – and it could very well be one of the downright coolest Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games around right now. It’s had more than 1, 000, 000 downloads just on the Play Store, and it’s already been reviewed as a five-star app by more than 60, 000 players.

You might never have heard of it before now, or you might have seen an ad for the game that brought you over to this page.

Love Games?

You’ll love Throne: Kingdom at War if you’re a fan of classic games that pull you right into the middle of war, strategy and conquering new virtual lands: If you’ve ever played games like Caesar, Black & White, Guild Wars, Neverwinter or Final Fantasy, then you’re definitely going to enjoy what Kingdom at War has to offer you. 

The Game’s Premise

The game’s description is relatively simple; you’re thrust right into the middle of the action into the land of kings and conquerors – and it’s up to you to expand your empire. If that already sounds exciting, then you’ve come to the right place and you’re about to have a whole lot of fun: Ready for battle, sire? 

Browser-Based or App Play 

The game doesn’t require you to spend hours downloading files and frameworks for the game: It’s available as either a browser-based game for your PC, or you can download the game as an app to your mobile device and play the game on the move. Whichever type of gamer you are, Kingdom at War caters to the needs of all of them.


The game’s graphics are immediately impressive – and you feel like you’re right in the middle of a medieval kingdom, ready to storm the gates. Even on slower systems, there’s no lagging when you try to connect or you’re right in the middle of the battle – so there’s no need to worry about the lag killing your gaming experience. 

Free Play – Or More!

You can choose to play Kingdom at War for absolutely free – or, if you want to take your gameplay to the next level, you can choose to purchase some of the in-game items and weapons that could give you an advantage on the battlefield and increase your chances of coming up on top. But that’s not all: The creators emphasise that how you end up playing will be about your gaming strategy, and not just about how much money you spend. 

Encouraging Multiplayer Play 

The game also encourages multiplayer play, and you can battle real-life players from any other part of the world in real-time – this adds a genuine feel to the in-game conquering, and ensures that you’re doing more than just battling an unbeatable AI; you know that you’re playing against real players, and most importantly, you know that their strategies are for real, too. 

Official Download Links 

Ready to storm the gates and start conquering? You can find the official download link for the game by clicking on this link.

That’s not all, either. Throne: Kingdom at War doesn’t just leave their players in the dark when it comes to gameplay tips and strategy – there are plenty of resources online that you can go through if you want to know more about the game and how it all works.

There are even great strategy guides online – and an official online community where you can discuss the game and strategy tips: You can even direct any questions to the support team directly through the online community and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

You can install Throne: Kingdom at War here, and you can also visit their official Facebook page for tips, download links and any questions that you might have about the game – you can even connect directly with other players through their community.

If you’re a fan of MMORPG’s, or even if you’ve never played one before in your life – Throne: Kingdom of War is a great game overall, and one you’ll spend hours playing. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to ready for battle!

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