Microsoft Azure provides basic capabilities like networking, flexible computing, and storage. The cloud platform of Google and Microsoft Azure share public cloud elements, like auto-scaling, identity management, compliance management, self-service and instant provisioning, and security.

In cloud, platform candidates can get certification for Microsoft Azure and build a better professional career. One can showcase his or her expertise in the field of Microsoft cloud technologies which will enhance more value for present-day advanced business by reducing IT cost.

These certifications determine a candidate’s ability to implement complex cloud-enabled Linux and also maintain it and design and architect Linux solutions for open source Azure capabilities. The administration skills regarding the Linux system proves that a candidate is fluent in the present day cloud-dominated world. This is a cloud infrastructure and platform. The certifications received from this exam ensure that the candidate is capable of efficiently running a data center of modernized version. It will also prove that the candidate has expertise in identity management, cloud technologies, virtualization, networking, systems management, and storage.


What Makes Microsoft Azure Certifications So Popular?

Microsoft Azure offers universal access to computing resources of a shared pool and also helps in transferring information without much effort. With the help of this cloud computing, one can process and store information in data storage centers of third-party. This is highly cost-effective for organizations as they no longer have to invest huge amount on IT infrastructure.

There are a huge number of organizations all over the globe who are adopting this platform and depending on the cloud. This increases the need for skilled professionals in this area. Attractive salary and other options for computing have increased the demand for this profession as career amount IT professionals.

Why Should a Candidate Want to Earn a Certificate in Microsoft Azure?

Possessing Microsoft Azure certifications drastically increases the possibility of a candidate getting hired in the domain of cloud computing.

The demand of candidates certified in Microsoft Azure has increased which has led to newly available opportunities in this field. A huge number of companies and organization are using Microsoft Azure. The figure says nearly a thousand customers join in every day on this platform. The revenue earned by Microsoft has increased through Azure cloud popularity and increased by nearly 103 percent.

The Easiest and Best Possible Way to Become Microsoft Azure Certified

Candidates must learn all required skills and prepare completely before appearing for the exam. The candidates can get assistance by browsing Microsoft’s training options over the internet or the online instructor-led practice options to learn more and built a strong career. This helps in the foundation of success when one appears for the exam. Candidates must practice for the test, and once the exam is passed, it will help in boosting one’s career.

What Are the Topics That Must Be Studied for the Microsoft Azure Exam?

Following are the topics that are included in the test

  • Creating a website and implementing it
  • Building a virtual machine and maintaining it
  • Creating cloud solutions and making necessary implementation
  • Maintaining network and application solutions
  • Creating a storage strategy

70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions


70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions


70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions


Tips and Tricks for Passing Microsoft Azure Certification Exams 

  1. Candidate must study and practice each category of exam objective and have thorough knowledge about the topic.
  2. It is recommended to practice at least three test resources on every topic. This will help the candidate to comes across different types of the topic and in turn ensure they get to grasp the huge amount of information.
  3. Candidates must consider reading books, and it would be even better if they get some hands-on experience.
  4. Candidates must practice exam sets along with preparing flash cards as they will help the candidates to remember all the information that they have studied.
  5. Candidates must not get stressed up by carrying negative thoughts of failing the exam. They must remember that proper practice and hard work is the only way to success. The best part of this exam is one can retake it in case of failure.
  6. Aspirants must set a target before starting with the preparation of the exam. One must prepare a timetable and schedule the test once they are ready.
  7. Candidates must share their dream of passing this exam with friends and family so that they can help in saving time by doing daily jobs in place of the aspirant.
  8. It is advised to schedule the exam on online procedure this will help to avoid distractions and answer the test more comfortably.
  9. The exam contains a huge number of questions on varied topic hence candidates must stay calm and tackle each question tactfully.

How Much Assistance Does the Microsoft Azure Exam Dumps Offer?

The practice tests and the training resources are a must when aspirants want to pass the Microsoft Azure certification exams. The resources are available assist candidates to gain experience about the exam pattern and hence tackle the original exam. Aspirants must take as much benefit as possible from these study resources and materials.

Experience of Previous Aspirants Who Passed the Azure Exam

According to the aspirants, the exam is very tough but can be passed easily with proper guidance. Candidates must follow proper patterns of practicing before the test. The test resources can be of great help if candidates follow them sincerely. There are several online free practice papers for the Microsoft Azure aspirants.

Ten Most Renowned Books That Can Help in Passing Microsoft Azure Exams 

  • Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions by SjoukjeZaal
  • Azure for Architects by Ritesh Modi
  • Pentesting Azure Applications by Matt Burrough
  • Microsoft SQL Azure by Maria and PÉREZ
  • Azure and Xamarin Forms by Russell Fustino
  • Professional Azure SQL Database Administration was written by Ahmad Osama
  • Azure IoT Development Cookbook by YatishPatil
  • Microsoft Azure Storage Essentials by ChukriSoueidi
  • Practical Azure Application Development by ThurupathanVijayakumar
  • Building Web Services with Microsoft Azure by Stephen Kaufman and Alex Belotserkovskiy


There are several places to start learning Microsoft Azure and sharpen one’s skills. Candidates can choose according to their comfort level. Candidates must earn the basic knowledge on Azure before getting deep into it. There are courses available for absolutely free and also a hands-on lab for candidates to practice. The certifications of Azure will be of real help when one progresses in his or her career.

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