If you’re reading the blogs on this site, it’s likely that you already enjoy playing video games. We know they’re fun and they can give us the enjoyment that we’re looking for, but what else can they do? It may surprise you, but there are many different reasons – apart from general and complete enjoyment – why playing video games is a great idea.

Your Brain Will Grow

If you’ve ever heard people saying that playing lots of video games will rot your brain, they need to think again because that’s far from the truth. In fact, studies have shown that playing video games can even make your brain grow in size, as strange as that may sound. Compared to those who don’t play games (or take part in other challenging brain games and puzzles), those who do play and challenge themselves have better brain function, meaning you are better at speech, muscle control, and even dealing with our emotions.

You Will Learn

It’s important to continue to learn throughout your life. The more we learn, the more we can do, but keeping our brains active will also help to prevent or at least delay the onset of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing on a games console, smartphone, TV that incorporates the IPTV service, or big screen, there will always be something new to learn. This might be a skill that you can use in your everyday life, or it could be how to follow the rules. It might be lateral thinking. The point is that playing video games will give you more insight into the world in general and allow you to have more choice and more success.

Better Reading Ability

Not everyone enjoys sitting down with a book or magazine and reading. For some, it’s just not fun, and they aren’t able to really concentrate. Video games can help these people to read more and get better at reading in general which will help them in their work and home lives. Reading for fun isn’t essential, but reading is something that everyone should be able to do. If a video game is what improves your reading skill, there is no problem in that at all. Video games can even help those with dyslexia. Although this is not a cure, it is something that can help make the lives of sufferers that much easier.

You’ll Be Happier

There will be days (sometimes many of them) that makes us feel miserable. When we’re feeling this way, it can be useful to know how to make ourselves feel better – staying angry and frustrated can be bad for your health, bad for relationships, and it can make you less productive at work. When any of these things go wrong, you will feel even worse, and so the cycle continues. Playing video games makes many people feel happy. They can forget about their troubles for a little while because they are concentrating on the game they are playing, and this will help when it comes to de-stressing.

As well as this, if you enjoy playing a video game, you will produce more serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. This hormone regulates your stress levels and makes you feel wonderful, as though you are experiencing a natural high.

Better Eyesight

Perhaps many of the items on this list are somewhat surprising, but this one might be the most surprising of all. Playing action-based video games has been shown to give you better eyesight overall. Of course, bear in mind that it should be an action game and not something from another genre. It is these specific types of games that make the difference because they have a variety of different perspectives, you need to aim carefully, plus there are unexpected movements and bursts of action throughout, and in order to be good at the game you need to be able to find where that movement is coming from and focus on it immediately.

More Productive

As we’ve mentioned above, de-stressing through playing video games will make you more productive at work, but there is another way that your favorite game can help you out in the office as well. The soundtrack can also help you to focus and feel happy, and when that happens, you will get more done. If you are able to listen to the soundtrack of your favorite game at work, then do so because it will help you out immensely. Plus, since video game music always tends to be wonderful – even award-winning – it’s a pleasant thing to do anyway.

Slows The Signs of Aging

Everyone gets older, and that can’t be helped, but when we get older, the aging process can have a seriously detrimental effect on your mind and your body. The more we can make our brains work for us, the slower these signs of aging will be. It might not make us live any longer, but it will make the time we do have on this planet more fun, and we can do a lot more with it. One of the key ways to help prevent the aging process is by reducing stress, and if, in your case, playing video games helps with stress, then get gaming.

Better Decision Making

Making decisions isn’t something that everyone is able to do. It can be hard for some people because it takes them a long time to work through the positives and the negatives, and they can be worried that they are going to make a mistake that will cause them or someone else a lot of problems. In the end, this can mean that no decision is ever made, and that can mean a big lost opportunity. When you are playing a video game, you need to make quick decisions all the time. You will be unconsciously weighing up all the pros and cons and deciding on a course of action in order to move forward, and if you can do it in a game, then you should be able to bring that skill into your normal life as well. Being able to make decisions will open up so many new doors and you will be so much more successful.

Greg Micek

Greg Micek

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Greg Micek


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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
Greg Micek