There are lots of ways gamers can make the most of the fun of the Halloween period. Whether it’s cosplaying as your favorite game characters for Halloween parties, or trying out a spooky live action game experience like the ones available at this popular Atlanta escape room, game themed Halloween fun is easy to come by. However, the fall also makes for a great time to spend your evenings immersed in some captivating indie games, and there are plenty of high-quality Steam games that can give you a dark feel appropriate for the holiday!

Here are just three games you might want to try out this Halloween:

Darkest Dungeon

Fans of Lovecraftian horror will love this engaging turn based game, which sees you put together teams of adventurers to explore a variety of themed dungeons. You effectively roleplay as the manager of a hamlet full of potential adventurers, including hound masters, plague doctors, hellions, men at arms and magicians who all have different abilities and preferred positions in your team’s formation. Characters can become afflicted and lose sanity as you battle the horrors in the dungeon, and this isn’t an easy game, so building a strong (and large) roster of potential characters to use is important. With expansions available introducing, among other things, vampires into the mix, there is a lot of play time in this inexpensive and well-made game.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

This remake of the classic Binding of Isaac game has been around for a couple of years now, and has seen a lot of updates and expansions that have turned it into a game that can essentially take over your life for months if you want to unlock and achieve everything! Although Isaac features an iconic cute art style and plenty of humor, it still has very dark themes as you play as a child fighting monsters, his own mother, and even Satan in various forms. This roguelike game is like nothing else out there, and a great thing to immerse yourself in this Halloween if you’re not already a fan!

Salt & Sanctuary

You might think that a game that claims to be a 2D platformer version of Dark Souls would be a bit weird and gimmicky, but Salt & Sanctuary actually pulls off the mood you associate with the Dark Souls series, as well as the similar game mechanics, very well. Like Dark Souls, this is a game with incredibly difficult fights that you generally learn to beat by dying a lot, and it is extremely satisfying when you do overcome a particularly troublesome boss. The artwork and music do a great job of setting the tone, and the hints at a dark fantasy story within the game are just enough to make the world engaging, without turning it into something overly plot driven for a platformer.

Try one or all of these great indie games out this Halloween, and enjoy some dark and challenging fun!

Greg Micek

Greg Micek

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Greg Micek


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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
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