Amatic Industries is celebrating its 25th Anniversary at ICE Totally Gaming. An interview between Glyn Thomas and the Amatic Industries represented Thomas Engstberger talks about the future of the casino gaming development in Amatic Industries.

The Achievement Being Celebrated

Amatic Industries is proud for achieving this milestone and that the company was able to celebrate with many of their customers and partners at the beginning of the year 2018 at ICE Totally Gaming.

At Amatic, the team is focusing on the future and even if they think this is a big occasion to celebrate it’s not their style. The team is looking for the next incoming years about bringing new innovations to the market.

The Year of 2018 for Amatic Industries

Amatic is a family-owned and managed company. They mentioned that they are always look to bring consistent solutions to their customers and they do not look at short-term ideas. That is the advantage of being a private company. The market is extremely competitive and Thomas Engstberg believes that technology has a bigger effect on their business than many others.

In the year of 2018, Amatic Industries is pleased about the results and they are confident that Amatic’s Industries business is a business model that offers confidence. They create their own games since day one and their focus is also the idea of a multi game. Their latest gaming cabinets, the Performer Grand Arc and the Amarox C24 have touched the definition of present time design. Amatic Industries also has experience in electronic roulettes. Furthermore, Amatic has also continued to build the business in the online gaming market as well.

Performer Grand Arc Cabinet and Amarox C24

The PGA gaming cabinet is popular among the players, because it is the right mix of classic Amatic hardware with the choice of multi game. The company believes that it is all about the right balance between these two. That is their focus. The company works very close with their customers and it also analyses the market to see what features players want. This led to the creation of PGA. Players like to feel comfortable, and a gaming machine isn’t just about providing games.

The Amarox C24 was inspired by PGA. The company has looked to introduce a new design to the sector of upright cabinets. They brought a number of factors that made this gaming machine unique. This includes ergonomic and player friendly design, dimensions, LED lighting, layout of the monitors, push buttons and a more powerful HARDROX hardware platform.

Roulette Grand Jeu 24HX

The electronic roulette is a major pillar for Amatic Industries. Their latest product, the Roulette Grand Jeu 24HX brings more technology and security. The monitor is 24 inch Full HD with PCAP touchscreen and they are also based on the HARDROX hardware platform. The company believes that this roulette will give a great gaming experience. The space it provides is up to 8 players.

Furthermore it can be connected with numerous terminals and slot cabinets in order to allow even more players to connect to it. The design is beautiful and made from the finest materials, incorporating only the best electronic components. The Grand Jeu 24HX is built to work for 24/7 play.

Players have often commented that they like the design of the roulette and for the company, the feedback is very important. The Roulette Grand jeu 24HX is available in its traditional mahogany wood style. Operators can also choose a more modern style with exciting colours.

The HARDROX Hardware

HARDROX is the name of the latest gaming platform. The number of games are constantly growing and they include more and more high definition graphics. In order to load the games, speed is essential says Amatic, but thanks to the HARDROX platform, this isn’t an issue. The new hardware works well through its enhanced performance, stability and security. These facts can make the game experience to be great for players.

Company’s Video Slots

Amatic Industries has gone towards the online platform too. Their online gaming division is called Amanet and like other online based casinos their gaming portfolio is constantly growing and it resembles to Novomatic with the in-house developed free slots and other online games that come in HTML5 format.

The HTML5 technology ensures easy playing on all platforms without any software download requirement. Each game has been tried and tested first in the land-based gaming segments and then they got transferred towards the online gaming platform which supports the latest technology like HTML5.

This recipe is the recipe that most casino gaming developers use for the online gaming market. The recipe is multilingual and approved by multiple jurisdictions. Today, the operators can choose multiple games from the gaming developers. Amanet is well know, for slots like “Arising Phoenix”, “All Ways Fruits”, “Bells On Fire”, “Billy’s Game”, “Enchanted Cleopatra”, “Hot Scatter” and others.

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