If you love video games and have always wanted to turn your hobby into the career of your dreams, then you’ve come to the right place. Learn what will be required of you to have a successful future in the gaming industry and what steps you can start taking today to make sure your wishes become a reality.

Accept that you’re going to have to work hard and focus your attention but that your efforts will pay off and you’ll likely find yourself in a position you’ve always desired. At the end of the day, have fun with this new adventure and faith in yourself that you’ll find your way.

Obtain the Right Education

It takes drive and motivation to secure a successful career in the gaming industry, but also the right background and education. It’s a wise idea to start saving up money today for what degree you might want to get in the near future. One idea is to check out a company such as Bonsai Finance to see how they can help you obtain the money you need for this type of endeavor, so you don’t have to put your dreams on hold any longer. Hop online and do your homework to see what direction you might want to head and the educational requirements for the role you’d like to see yourself in one day.

Find A Mentor

Another tip for having a successful career in the gaming industry is to find yourself a mentor who’s been in your shoes before. Ask them if they’d be willing to sit down with you and discuss various topics related to the profession and what advice they have for someone like you who is just starting out. You can also see if they’d allow you to shadow them in action at work so you can get a better feel for what a day in the life of a gaming developer looks like. This is your chance to get a good idea of what will be expected of you and make a final decision if this is what you think you want to do with your life.

Gain Experience

It’s important to get as much experience as you can and working whatever job you can so you can develop your skills in this area. Find an entry-level position as a gaming developer and learn as much as possible as you work on advancing your abilities. Have the attitude that no job or opportunity is below you when you’re initially searching and seeking to get your foot in the door. The more time you can spend actually working in the field and gaining knowledge about the profession, the better chances you’ll have at turning your hobby into a full-time career.


Play Games Yourself

Sometimes the best way to learn how to develop games is to play them yourself. Make time to practice and discover what features and elements you like and which ones you could do without. Use whatever information you can gather to help you do your job better and get the creative juices flowing. Practicing and exploring all sorts of different games that are out there will certainly allow you to deepen your knowledge and understand the industry more from a participant perspective.

Build A Portfolio of Project Examples

Most interested employers are going to want to see examples of your work before they hire you. The gaming industry is competitive, and there are a lot of talented people out there who want the same jobs as you do. Take your time to create a portfolio of your completed projects that you can show off when you’re on the hunt for a new position. This is a great way to get companies interested in you who may otherwise overlook you if they only have a resume to review and no actual examples of what you can do. Highlight your best work and be able to describe how you were able to come up with and develop each concept.

Develop Your Professional Network

You’ll likely have a more successful career in the gaming industry when you can develop your professional network. Do this both by putting yourself out there in person and online communicating through various blogs, forums and websites. You never know who you’re going to meet who can help you get a step closer to landing your dream position at a company you admire. Another idea is to attend events and conventions so that you can have live conversations with those who are already successful in the industry. Always remember to collect contact information and then proactively follow up shortly after being introduced, so they remember who you are.

Enter Video Game Design/Development Competitions

There are a lot of gaming competitions happening all the time, and it’s in your best interest to get more involved with this type of activity. Enter design and development contests so you can give yourself a better chance of being recognized by those who are high up in the industry. It’s also an excellent award to include on your resume if you do end up winning. Not only that, but it’s possible you’ll be awarded with money if you place so that you can continue to invest it in your future career. Participating in these competitions shows that you’re serious about doing this for a living and will give you an opportunity to stand out amongst a crowd of other talented gaming professionals. 

The gaming industry is a fun space to be in but it’s also very competitive and challenging to be a part of. Use these tips to help you find your way so you can have a more successful career in the gaming industry. Be patient with yourself because it’s unlikely that you’ll experience overnight achievements and it could take a while to get hired at your company of choice. Stick with it and you’ll likely soon make a name for yourself and be able to enjoy a promising career and future.

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