Indie games are all the rage these days, with companies proving that it doesn’t always take a massive team to make a great product. These developers can offer a more innovative product with a new twist on a classic formula. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the slot game developers that do just that.

The Big Dogs in Gaming

Some of the biggest game developers have been putting out these creations for decades. Microgaming, who were one of the first to create online games, are still pushing out new additions to their library. While these big companies can be innovative, there are many of their creations that simply change up the design without really bringing anything new to the table.

So which are the top slots providers? Well, we have a laundry list of big names like NetEnt, Eyecon, Playtech and more. Some of these have extensive libraries and games that also feature in land based casinos too.

These can become a bit mundane for players, as many of the games have the same feel. This simple rotation of symbols and characters, without much actual gameplay, leaves players feeling bored with the outcome. This is where indie developers can exploit a niche and create something that makes players feel refreshed. They can act as a breath of fresh air to players, with a design that offers something totally different.

This isn’t always the case for the big companies out there, as some are still keeping their offerings fresh. The likes of Blueprint Gaming are based within larger corporations, yet can boast some very unique games.

Indie Developers in iGaming

While they may be lesser known, there are also indie developers creating interesting slots. They might have new ideas and gameplay to bring to the table, which can be implemented in interesting ways. While larger companies may have set rules and ideas, the environment of an innovative indie environment can lead to new features.

If we take a look at some indie developers, we can see where this innovative thinking leads.  Habanero Games are one of the newer developers on the scene and their library is varied to say the least. They take inspiration from all different areas, such as Asian culture and myths. While the themes are all varied, the gameplay is also totally unique too. They’re not using the same templates to simply churn out new games, instead they make memorable experiences.

Yggdrasil Gaming are also innovative when it comes to their development process. With a relatively small team, they’re able to create games that are unlike any other. They push the story side of their games with videos to open the game and set the scene. This really gets you in the mood to travel through their library, stopping off at a range of different settings.

Thanks to this reputation, their games are very hotly anticipated by players. They have also gone on to reach players around the world, striking deals that even larger developers would envy. This is a testament to just how much players enjoy the fact that they offer something really different.

They also place a special emphasis on the cross platform capabilities of their games. This allows them to be more accessible to players, without as much difficulty moving from device to device. This is something that larger studios struggle with, so it’s great to see a smaller developer doing so.

There are many developers out there, varying in size and also in their priorities. Check out some of the developers that we’ve mentioned to find out more.

Greg Micek

Greg Micek

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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
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