If you want to start a controversy, ask the Fortnite community who the best Fortnite players are. Most of the responses you will get are subjective. Every gamer will give a reason for choosing a particular Fortnite player in the list of top performers. Others will base their choices on the gaming console the players use.

There have been allegations of different outcomes when using different devices that are compatible with Fortnite. Independent of the personal opinions that fans have in regards to the best players, the leaderboards are objective: they give accurate data of the players’ performance. Undoubtedly, the Fortnite headsets that the players use also play a significant role in the quality of play.

So, here is a list compiled that shows who the top 5 Fortnite players and that stats to prove why they hold their places.

1. OvelonUwatakashi

In season 6, this player has played a total of 1,345 matches with 361 wins. This accounts for 27% of the matches played. His best TRN rating is 4,962, with a score of 494,097. He has had a total of 4883 kills with a K/D ratio of 4.96. OvelonUwatakashi has played in solo, duo and squad matches and has had impressive results.

  • In the 520 solo matches played, he has 95 wins and 1,669 kills
  • He has played 335 matches in the duos, and has 86 wins and 1,293 kills
  • Of the 490 the Squads matches, he has 180 wins and 1,921 kills

2. Ninja

Ninja’s twitch has more than 10 million followers. His popularity skyrocketed when he had a live stream with Drake. He currently has a total of 543 wins and 9,434 kills. The wins account for 37% of the 1,457 games played. His K/D ratio is 10.32.

  • In the 555 solo matches played, his TRN rating is 4,967 with a rank of 463. He has 184 wins and 3,586 kills.
  • In the duos, he has a TRN rating of 4,948 with a rank of 1,144. His winnings were 129 of the 368 matches played, with 2,375 killings.
  • In the squad games, he had 230 wins out of 534 matches played. His kills were 3,473. His TRN rating is 4,975 with a rank of 443.

Ninja started showing his prowess over a year ago and has continued to gain fame because of his consistency and love for the game.

3. Twitch-Ettnix

This player has an overall best TRN rating of 4,954 with a rank of 948. His score as it stands now is 433,600. Twitch-Ettnix has played in the solo, squad and duos. His total wins are 361 of the 1,165 matches played. His winnings currently stand at 31%. His kills are 6,536 and the K/D ratio is 8.13.

  • He has played 524 solo matches. Of these, he has had 134 wins and 3,010 kills. His TRN rating is 4,954 with a rank of 948.
  • In the 546 duo matches he has played, he has had 195 wins and 2,893 kills. His TRN rating is 4,951 with a rank of 1,133.
  • He has participated in 95 squad matches. So far, he has 32 wins and 633 kills. His TRN rating is 4,455 with a rank of 28,652.

4. E11 BlooTea

He has played a total of 1,662 matches. Out of this, he has won 290 matches. This accounts for 17% of the matches played. He has had 6,089 kills and a K/D ratio of 4.44. He has played in solo, duos and squad matches.

  • Out of the 690 solo matches, he has won 117 and had 3,075 kills. His TRN rating is 4,943 with a rank of 3,250.
  • He has played 605 duos. With 58 wins and 1,04 kills, his TRN rating is 1,258.
  • As it stands now, BlooTea has had 367 squads matches. He won 115 and had 1,710 kills. His TRN rating for this segment is 4,946.

5. Cooler eXzacT

Although he has played a couple of duos and squads, this player has concentrated on solo matches. eXzacT has played a total of 716 matches and has had 534 wins. This accounts for 75% of the matches played. His kills are 4,645 and the K/D ratio is 25.52.

  • He has played a total of 689 matches and won 524 of the solo matches. The kills in these matches were 4,489. He has been ranked 18th with a TRN rating od 4,994.
  • In the duos, he has won 9 of the 20 matches played. The kills were 126 and the TRN rating was 2,455. The rank in this segment is 149,370.
  • He has only played 7 matches in the Squads. He has won 1 match and had 30 kills.


These Fortnite players continue to make a name for themselves in the gaming industry. As they perfect their game, their fans continue to follow their play so that they can argue their case when debating the best Fortnite players. Even though all these players use the PC to play Fortnite, their skill in outmaneuvering their opponents is in no doubt proven through their stats and through their scores.

Greg Micek

Greg Micek

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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
Greg Micek