Since October 2013, Anthony Nichols has been working on his latest project, Turnover, a 2D stealth survival game for the Windows and Linux. With the help of crowdfunding through Kickstarter, $800 will give him the final push to complete Turnover as well as develop it for Mac. With a little help, he can make Turnover a reality.


Turnover relies on stealth, wit, and most importantly, patience. In a world drenched in greed and big business, a corporate buyout goes down the drain and one company decides to finish the deal by force. Clea, just an average employee minding her own business at her typical office job, has her world thrown upside down when the takeover happens. Private security and soldiers lace the halls and block exists left and right. Clea must strategically maneuver around them or utilize miscellaneous objects laying about to distract them in order to pass. It’s all a big puzzle that will require a lot of time and attention to detail.

When players aren’t guiding Clea around enemies and avoiding dogs, they can help her seek help from or for other coworkers in the building in the same position as her. With the assistance of IT workers, security systems can be shut down. Rent-A-Cops can be hired on to fight off enemies in the halls. Coworkers too terrified to do anything for themselves now have a helping hand.


Turnover appears to be kicking off its Kickstarter campaign well enough, already raising around $100 with 26 days remaining. If the campaign is a success, the Turnover release will be between October of this year and January of 2015. Additionally, Anthony will sign Turnover up for Steam Greenlight following the campaign.


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