The Hero is the proposed rebirth of the famed Guitar Hero franchise via Kickstarter.

For many people, Guitar Hero and Rock Band were just a fad, which is why it seems the gaming world has completely moved on from plastic musical instruments. As a lifelong music game fan, these titles were much more and brought about many great multiplayer memories with friends. They also took a fare chunk of change from me thanks to DLC tracks! While most player’s peripherals may be caked in dust right now, mine remain ready for action at any time. With all that said I personally find it very hard to recommend funding The Hero Kickstarter campaign.

It is pitched as the next game in the Guitar Hero series and Daniel DiLallo suggests some pretty smart tweaks to the formula. For one, the game would center itself around you. When you play the crowd would react to you as the star and your specific performance. In a way, it seems like the perfect utilization of current Kinect and PlayStation Camera technologies! Well, he doesn’t actually mention utilization of game console cameras but it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t be considered. In any case, backing The Hero does not mean that game will come to fruition. This is just to fund a prototype build which will then be pitched to Activision in hopes of them greenlighting it.

The Hero is the proposed rebirth of the famed Guitar Hero franchise via Kickstarter.I cannot proclaim to have the “inside scoop” about what Activision’s business plans are for the immediate future. However, the current gaming market seems all but done with peripherals at the moment. Beyond that, it would be very hard to replicate their original success. Consumers happily paid hefty amounts to fill their home with instruments once – but would they do so again (as existing controllers would not work on PS4, Xbox One, or Wii U)? Activision may bring back Guitar Hero in a new form someday, but it will take a market shift, not just a snazzy pitch.


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