Marble Madness is one of those games that I can never get enough of. Sure, it might be incredibly simple, but many of the best games are. Since first getting acquainted with it I’ve found other games which are similarly enjoyable, and am personally thrilled whenever someone decides to make anything in that vein. Studio Monolith are on my radar now thanks to their upcoming game Polyball. It’s a game about with a polygonal ball, in fact an entire low-poly world, and your goal is to navigate through each of the 60 levels.


Some levels will be pretty simple and ask for a quick race down a path while others expect more careful physics-based platforming. Although at first players will only be able to traverse levels one by one in the order they were designed, there’s also a marathon mode. This mode was designed specifically with speedrunners in mind and offers one continuous experience. Low-poly indie games are becoming more common and may eventually become as common as the longstanding pixel art trend. With that said, Studio Monolith have a great understanding of design. Polyball’s stage visuals are sparse, yet beautiful (at least from what they’ve shown so far!).


Polyball requires approximately $8,014 (converted from CAD $) to have a successful Kickstarter. However, this PC game will still launch regardless. The campaign exists to support the development done so far, pay licensing fees, and fund an original soundtrack for the game. You can check out their Steam Greenlight page and send an upvote along.

Track the progress of the Polyball Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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