Hey, enough of all these platformers, puzzlers, and adventure games – let’s get some other genres represented on Kickstarter! (Note: No, I actually don’t mind tons of similar genres seeking crowdfunding but could understand why some may be displeased by it). If you happen to have that opinion then would a stealth game be up your alley? Wildfire just launched on Kickstarter and is performing quite well right out of the gate. There’s a reason behind this. Not only are you meant to sneak across a variety of environments, but the protagonist also has magical control over fire.


Now how might fire be of use in a stealth game? The excitement of Wildfire is discovering that for yourself. Sometimes launching fire near an enemy will cause distraction. Other times you may be able to actually light them on fire directly for a crude solution. Be careful, though, as your ability to summon and manipulate fire doesn’t leave you immune to catching aflame yourself. Eventually the powers upgrade, allowing even more potential solutions to stealth and platforming puzzles, as well as eventual control over water as well.


Wildfire has a great 2D pixelated look which is both colorful and simplistic. It also doesn’t appear to take itself too seriously as many other games in the genre are known for. Developer Sneaky Bastards are asking for approximately $7,679 (converted from AUD) for a successful crowdfunding campaign. They’ve got an alpha demo available as well. If you think this is a game worth supporting then consider giving it an upvote via Steam Greenlight.

Track the progress of the Wildfire Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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