That header is not slander against the upcoming adventure/survival/strategy fusion game Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse, which is played in two major phases. For those of you familiar with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, you may recall the extra dimension added when you found out you could phase between the dark and light world. Slightly similar to that, Deadwood puts players in the shoes of young Woodling inventor Lathe, joined on his adventures by Roguard, the Stone Giant.


During the day, players will roam the lands searching for resources in the land of Knottington. This allows Lathe to collect what he needs for the encroaching nightfall that washes over Knottington like a black cloak, bringing nothing but peril with it. Lathe will need everything he finds in order to craft tools to keep himself safe when the night comes, because once the sun goes down, so does Roguard. The stone giant will pass out in a deep slumber, leaving Lathe to face the hordes of wooden undead by himself. To complicate matters, he must also protect the sleeping golem from the Deadwood (what can wooden zombies do to a boulder beast anyhow?). Luckily, Lathe can create sections of wooden fence among other weapons and defenses to choke off and mow down those brainless log monsters.


Steamroller Studios, composed of artists involved in productions like Avatar, The Hobbit (film), and Bioshock, have put together a unique hybrid adventure game that strings together elements from adventure, survival, and strategy games. Greenlit on Steam and ready to go, their Kickstarter has already crushed its $65,000 funding goal. Planned for a Windows, Mac, and Linux release, Deadwood may be coming to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One as well, provided the appropriate stretch goals are met.

Zack Keosaian
Zack Keosaian is an indie developer and publicist, working with developers to market their games while developing his own. When he’s not writing or working, he’s a Roller Derby Referee for the Hellgate Rollergirls in Missoula, Montana, and sometimes wears his skates in the house. He loves beta testing and helping out his fellow developers but his favorite titles like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Skyrim, Mass Effect, and Tekken Tag Tournament keep him company while his girlfriend is immersed in Dragon Age.
Zack Keosaian