Action-adventures aren’t that popular of a gaming genre when compared to other play styles, but it is still beloved enough to warrant the occasional title. And Beyond the Mountain aims to take this and make it its own. 8 bit boomerang is touting this game as “an action adventure game with dungeon crawler gameplay”, which basically means that it’s an RPG without stats or a hack-and-slash adventure game. Your pick.

Beyond the Mountain‘s story is your classic tale of good versus evil. The land was once overran by darkness and the nasty creatures that served it until their evil master Tornuaq was defeated by six “Great Spirit” animals all inhabiting the body of one savior.


Fast forward to the present day. The Great Spirits had foretold that Tornuaq would return and once again plunge the land into darkness. And that there would come another to be their host when the time came. In Beyond the Mountain you play this fated young lad, Kiviuq, as he searches the countryside for these six magical beings to take down Tornuaq once and for all.

Of course, it won’t be an easy trek as not only are the big baddy’s minions out to get him but Kiviuq also managed to get a rival in the village chief’s son, Sirmiq. Jealous of this kid’s status as the chosen one, and wanting the power for his own, he sets off to release Tornuaq and make a pact for power.


Beyond the Mountain has apparently been in development for a few months now and 8 bit boomerang is looking to secure funds to complete it. While £2,000 is a low bar to reach the fact that there is only one tier at £1 it’ll take quite a few backers to reach it. Perhaps this is due to it being a free game, but they’d have a better shot by adding a few more tiers to make it enticing to back at higher levels.

Track the progress of the Beyond the Mountain Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Serena Nelson
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Serena Nelson


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Serena Nelson
Serena Nelson