I’ve played rhythm games (Guitar Hero, karaoke in Sleeping Dogs), and hack n’ slash games (Diablo, Devil May Cry), but never a rhythm hack n’ slash game. Well, that is, not until I got my hands on GODHOOD’s demo. The game is a “short” rhythm hack n’ slash game where you play as a “small town” writer/loner (I guess the two go hand-in-hand) “whose own story has suddenly manifested itself into reality as if he himself had prophesied it.” What that means exactly, I don’t really know, but the gameplay looks to be the major selling point, if not the only selling point of GODHOOD. godhood3

As you can probably decipher from the title alone, a rhythm hack n’ slash is a game where you perform combos to a rhythm and earn rewards. In GODHOOD, you perform to the beat of a drum or a synth (I guess some people might have a personal preference). There will be seven chapters available in GODHOOD, with varying levels of difficulty (enemy health and damage), and even a “Practice Mode” where you can hone your rhythm hack n’ slash skills (as impractical as those may be in the real world.)


I have my reservations about the quality of some of the artwork—you can judge for yourself with some of the artwork shown above—but I do like the level design. You can check out alpha gameplay and download GODHOOD’s demo on the Kickstarter page. GODHOOD is asking for $45,000 CAD, and the campaign ends in just under a month’s time.

Track the progress of the GODHOOD Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Felix Wong

Felix Wong

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