RTS games may be all the rage in eSports, but many people love the more tactical, turn-based approach. Games like Fantasy Conquest Tactics, live now on Kickstarter, that are about outwitting your foes rather than outmaneuvering them.

Fantasy Conquest Tactics is a quirky, colorful strategy game that marries Advance Wars with Final Fantasy Tactics. Players will capture Villages and Keeps to earn gold to buy more powerful and varied units. Indeed, the game has over 25 units, each with their own function, strengths, and weaknesses. They range from your standard melee swordsmen to your powerful wizards and more.

The campaign promises a rich, detailed single-player campaign with various combat scenarios. After each level, players can level up their units or castles to unlock unique abilities and improve their stats for the next skirmish.

fantasy conquest tactics

Unique Mechanics

Of course, battles aren’t simply a matter of commanding your units to attack until you win. You’ll earn bonuses for clever placement, as well as focus-fire tactics against enemies. A day/night cycle will allow you to use stealth as well. Damage dealt is deterministic; you won’t need to pray to any random number generator gods, here.

Also unique is the morale system. As your units fall in combat, their morale will break, demoralizing their will to fight and lowering their stats. But as you succeed in combat, morale will increase, making your warriors stronger than before.

fantasy conquest tacticsBecause of the depth of these systems, the developers need to build a powerful AI. That is largely what the Kickstarter campaign hopes to fund. The team hopes to develop the game regardless of funding, though they will likely remove certain things. For example, the game could release as a strictly multiplayer experience, with no AI capabilities for the campaign.

If you’ve got an itch that only classic tactics-based games like this one can satisfy, this could be the game for you. If you’re on the fence, you can try out the demo here, though Windows 10 users may run into security issues running the game.

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