Usage of Marijuana while being Pregnant and breastfeeding

Pregnancy is one of the most difficult times in a woman’s life. It is when she has to take good care of herself as she is about to bring a new life to this world. How does marijuana affect pregnancy? After the legalization of marijuana or cannabis, a large number of Americans have started buying it and depending on it for their health. For pregnant ladies, marijuana is said to be beneficial as it provides their bodies with lots of energy and helps them during breastfeeding too. But the mom-to-be might get worried about how to choose the right kind of marijuana and what brand would suit them the most.

While there is not much information in this regard, women can consult their doctors whether marijuana would suit them during pregnancy and after the delivery of the baby or not. They can also inquire if it is good to go with during the breastfeeding months or not. Based on the advice provided by their healthcare professionals, they can choose the taste and variety that suit them the most. Researchers have now proved that there is a strong relationship between cannabis and pregnancy and that marijuana use in pregnancy is good as it gives a lot of benefits to both the lady and the baby.

Disclosure of Marijuana

Earlier this year, the state and federal governments mutually announced that marijuana would be allowed to be used as it helps cure cancer, stress, depression and other diseases. Today, different brands have started manufacturing and selling cannabis in a large number, claiming that it is good for all age groups and cannot harm anyone since the ingredients are all natural. To the pregnant baby, marijuana is often recommended considering that the woman would feel happy and relaxed. During pregnancy, it is common to get stressed, but with the regular smoking of marijuana, they can manage stress and other cognitive problems to an extent. The CSA had previously prohibited the use of cannabis, but now, everything is fine, and it is said that all issues related to marijuana have been resolved and that it has been legalized, meaning people can buy it without any problem and major issue.

Marijuana use during pregnancy is highly recommended across the United States. Previously, the Obama-era policy directed the government to allow marijuana across the country, and this policy made it clear that the use of marijuana is not as bad as many people consider. Here is a short list of diseases cannabis treats. Later on, certain policies were implemented, and laws were made, and in January 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions had issued the memorandum in which it was written that marijuana use should be legalized across the country.

Consumption of Marijuana and Results

Does marijuana affect pregnancy? It’s safe to say that the consumption of marijuana should be increased when a woman is pregnant. This drug is derived from a health-friendly plant named as cannabis sativa and is said to have a lot of benefits. When the lady is pregnant, she may feel tired after doing small works. In such circumstances, she can smoke weed to get refreshed and energize herself to an extent. The long-lasting effects of marijuana on women have not been studied, but scientists think that substances like tobacco, alcohol and other drugs are not as effective and useful as marijuana.

It means women can rely on weed to recover from pain and manage other minor complications during pregnancy. However, they must ask their doctors about the exact quantity they can consume per day. Some women are likely to be asked to smoke several weeds a day, while the others may not be allowed to use more than one piece throughout the day. It all depends on their health status as well as on the month of pregnancy. Nearly five percent of pregnant ladies use cannabis on a regular basis, and this number is likely to increase by the end of this year.

Marijuana’s Influence on Lactation

Is marijuana bad for pregnancy? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Drugs, marijuana is not dangerous for pregnancy until or unless it is reasonably used. Maybe, the excessive use of marijuana can influence lactation negatively, or the chance is that it will impact your health positively. Smoking marijuana during pregnancy is not as bad as many women may consider, but its excessive use should be prohibited considering that its components can impact the brain and health of the newborn.

Chemicals present in marijuana are strong enough to affect the baby, so pregnant mothers should take proper care of themselves as a new life is now associated with them. THC, the active ingredient of cannabis, are often stored in the fat tissues of pregnant women, which may impact the baby’s brain and bones as well as weaken their body. However, small to moderate use of marijuana positively influences lactation and is also good during the period of breastfeeding. Marijuana is a part of various herbal medicines, and experts reveal that it can boost the immunity of mothers but may negatively impact their little ones.

Medical Marijuana

Is marijuana use during pregnancy safe? Medical marijuana or cannabis has long been used to cure different diseases. Doctors and nurses recommend cannabis to their patients considering that its ingredient, cannabinoids, can regulate the blood flow in the body and empower the immune system. It has also been proved that cannabis can greatly reduce vomiting and nausea during pregnancy, but their regular use is not so good. It improves appetite in people with AIDS and reduces muscle spasms and chronic pain to an extent.

The short-term and irregular use of medical marijuana is good both for pregnant women and babies, but its long-term and excessive use is problematic and can cause serious complications after the delivery of the baby. Thus, we should always keep ourselves away from addictions. Schizophrenia is likely to cause in young ladies who are about to give birth to their babies. The plant of cannabis has a history of medicinal uses and is extensively used in herbal and Chinese medicines.


A large number of experts have suggested that medical marijuana or cannabis can be used to cure different diseases such as pain, loss of appetite, nausea, HIV/AID, cancer, inflammatory disorders, epilepsy and others. It is also good for bone health and often recommended to pregnant ladies. However, the long-term and unwise use is what they have to avoid to be assured of their babies’ health. The legalization of marijuana does not mean that its unwise and irregular use has also been allowed. We should try to keep a balance in our lives to be assured of health.

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