Visual novels have made a huge splash in the crowdfunding scene over the past several months and Lusaw Project has jumped on the bandwagon with their own title, known simply as Rabbit Syndrome. While it’s a dating sim at its core, there is a lot more potential than just chatting up cute girls to go out with you. Your choices affect who you are as a person.

What exactly is Rabbit Syndrome, though? It’s the basis for getting the main character to go out and socialize. To meet new people. It is an illness that affects people, such as our shut-in protagonist, in which you need to make friends or you “die of loneliness”. A rather macabre way of starting off with a dating sim visual novel, but it seems to be rather effective as you’re going to be doing a lot of decision making and, hopefully, find your purpose in life. Or something like that.

Rabbit Syndrome

The most unique factor of Rabbit Syndrome isn’t in its narrative, though. Most visual novels tend to have the player go about with a pre-determined personality and attitude to life. Here, though, your choices affect how you react to different situations in the future. In a way, the game evolves along with you.

In addition to potentially getting together with up to three cute (and I have to admit well endowed) girls, you can do other things. You’re not limited to just dating. You can join a gang, get into fights, or be a hero to use the examples given in the pitch. You can also delve into the pasts of the various characters in Rabbit Syndrome as well. There are multiple branches and at least four endings.

Rabbit Syndrome

If you’re a fan of visual novels and want something a bit different than your run-of-the-mill “choose your own adventure” types you can’t go wrong with Rabbit Syndrome. Plus, there’s a demo you can try out before pledging if you’re on the fence.

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