Deer God! It’s Funded!


Crescent Moon Games has brought us something we’ve never considered before: a magical journey as a deer. And in a 3D pixel game, I stress. About a month ago, we thoroughly covered The Deer God and even got in touch ...

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Dieselpunk and Funded


A lot of us were excited about InSomnia’s debut on Kickstarter and learning it’s not only funded, but knocked out a stretch goal is nothing less than fantastic. $70K was a huge funding goal to reach but I’m thinking the ...

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Kaptain Brawe Returns To Kickstarter


Many were disappointed, to say the least, when the Kaptain Brawe 2 fell far short of its funding goal last month.  No matter how much people may have loved the original, and desired a proper sequel, it just couldn’t get there.  But when there’s a will, ...

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New Mighty No. 9 Gameplay Footage


Since development for Mighty No. 9 by comcept has picked up, they’ve been posting gameplay videos monthly to show off the current progress. This month’s video really shows off Beck’s different powers and abilities as well as the playable female ...

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Unrest. Not Your Typical RPG.


Unrest. Not Your Typical RPG. By Marcus Estrada RPGs are probably one of the most well-loved video game genres out there. After all, you have the chance to jump into someone else’s amazing story and (typically) inhabit fantastical worlds. However, ...

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Freedom Planet Makes Its Way To Steam


Back into 2013, GalaxyTrail/Strife’s Freedom Planet, a dream combination of Megaman, Sonic, and Gunstar Heroes, was funded significantly over the funding goal of $2K, coming in at almost $25.5K. With the extra funding, they were able to meet some stretch ...

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M.O.R.E. Coming Back to Kickstarter


IdeaLcenter has put up a sizeable update for M.O.R.E. and things have made a lot of progress since the previous update. A lot of features have been implemented since their last update, including a visit to Pixel Heaven in June. The main ...

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Greed Monger’s Alpha On The Way


The development process for Greed Monger since its funding back in 2012 has been demanding, tedious, and unpredictable. Greed Monger is a MMORPG like no other, concentrating on the crafting system, sandbox experience, and immersion. Despite the fact they were ...

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