OBEY is a Robot vs Bunny Apocalypse

Obey, a new multiplayer game on Kickstarter that features cute bunnies and a giant robot. Hilarity ensues.

OBEY is a Robot vs Bunny Apocalypse by Marcus Estrada Human nature is prone to many things. When we are told to conform there are certain people who do as they’re told and those who lash out against said restrictions. In real ...

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Under Development: Outpost 13 & The Thing

Outpost 13 is a horror adventure inspired by many movies, including The Thing, and it's on Kickstarter

  First – Prev – Next – Last Under Development: Outpost 13 & The Thing Read more of “Under Development” by Julie Morley in right here. We’ve talked about Outpost 13 a number of time here at Cliqist.  The horror adventure takes the usual ...

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Alien Isolation vs. Alien

Alien Isolation from Sega and The Creative assembly is a horror suspense game and it's our non crowdfunded game of the month. We compare the original Alien movie to Alien Isolation.

Alien Isolation vs. Alien by Suzanne Verras The moment Ellen Ripley discovers the alien in the escape shuttle is when you quiver with fear. She is all alone now. She manages to throw it out of the airlock and blast ...

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Under Development: Lessons from Human Resources

Under Development Video Game Kickstarter web comic continues to look at Human Resources from Uber Entertainment.

First – Prev – Next – Last Under Development: Lessons from Human Resources Read more of “Under Development” by Julie Morley in right here. We’ve talked about Uber Entertainment’s Human Resources several times here on Cliqist; pieces ranging from excitement about what’s in store, ...

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Epic Manager Offers a New Twist on Adventuring

Epic Manager is a Kickstarter where you manage an adventuring agency.

Epic Manager is squeezing into the fantasy game genre and looks to redefine it, taking aspects of Dungeons and Dragons (random encounters),  Final Fantasy Tactics (level-based job system), Crusader Kings II (management simulation) and melding them together to create something ...

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Holobunnies Bounces Toward Wii U

Holobunnies is a side scrolling exploration platformer video game thats now on Kickstarter and coming to WII U PC, Mac, and Linux.

Do you happen to have an affinity toward adventurous sidescrollers and bunnies? If so, Holobunnies might be the game you’ve been waiting for! Developed by Montreal-based q-bit games, Holobunnies features a cast of four rabbits who one day find that ...

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Psychological Input Horror with The Facility

The facility is a first person, Oculus Rift enabled, action horror game on Kickstarter

Ever since Nevermind made its way on the indie and crowdfunded game scene, there has been a notable rise in biofeedback gaming and innovative technology to determine the player’s feelings, fears, concerns, and many psychological factors utilized to advanced gameplay. ...

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Silent Hill Meets Ghost Hunting in Sylvio

Silent Hill Meets Ghost Hunting in Sylvio, a paranormal action game on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is finally reaching out to Sweden! And one of the first games launched on Swedish Kickstarter is Sylvio. Sylvio takes ghost hunting and explorative horror to a completely different level. Who wouldn’t play the role as a paranormal investigator? ...

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GeekFuel. Subscription Box of the Future?

GeekFuel is a monthly subscription mystery prize box filled with geek and nerd centric goodies. Its funding on Kickstarter.

Subscription boxes have become all the rage in the last couple of years. You can get just about anything in subscription boxes: vegan food (hiss! gluten!), clothing, books, and most specifically, geek/nerd lovin’ merchandise. Recently, there’s been a rise in ...

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