What’s Going on with Wake the Dreamer?


We’ve covered Wake the Dreamer multiple times here on Cliqist, including a preview and even an interview with Ali Sakhapour, Wake the Dreamer’s creator. Back in August, Ali launched the Kickstarter campaign for Wake the Dreamer but unfortunately only $948 ...

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Basement is Breaking Bad in Game Form


If you’re a fan of gaming and have never heard of Ludum Dare then I highly suggest you look into it. Effectively, it is a game-making competition that happens regularly and often tasks developers with creating games in very short ...

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Red Cobra is a Shooter With Some New Tricks


So, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with platformers, Metroidvanias, and roguelikes but after being surrounded by so many on Kickstarter other genres stand out a fair bit more in comparison. Red Cobra is a new project by developer Adversary that immediately draws attention ...

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Explore the Afterlife in Ethereal

Ethereal, a melancholy platformer about death and coping

Video games have been a vehicle for all types of storytelling. Ethereal by Thomas Finch looks to explore a very different sort of storyline – one based off his own father. In the game, players control a small spirit which ...

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Holden Boyles on Qora, And the Future


Holden Boyles on Qora, And the Future with Julie Morley In the past, Cliqist has covered Qora several times (including when it was called Spirit) and has kept up with the games’ development. Now, after months of waiting and tedious development, Qora is ...

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A Look Back at Gabriel Knight


A Look Back at Gabriel Knight by Mitchell “Moe” Long To help celebrate October, the upcoming Halloween holiday, and the impending release of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition the very adventurous Moe Long decided to play ...

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