Jumpman Forever Reviewed

Jumpman Forever is a revival of the classic Jumpman game that was funded on Kickstarter.

Jumpman Forever Reviewed by Marcus Estrada Back in the 80s Epyx was a big name in the game development scene. They created many classics which fans still love today – including a little game called Jumpman. This 2D bomb-diffusing platformer ...

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Why Coming Out On Top Isn’t Allowed on Steam

Coming out on top is a gay visual novel dating sim that was funded on Kickstarter

Why Coming Out On Top Isn’t Allowed on Steam by Marcus Estrada The successfully Kickstarter-funded Coming Out On Top finally arrived and has already proven a hit with players! Even many who were not previously interested in visual novels and dating ...

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World Wide Funder Features Another Possible Scam

Project tool has launched on World Wide Funder, home to another possible Scam, Stalker Apocalypse

World Wide Funder Features Another Possible Scam by Ahmad Khan Cliqist is investigating the new crowdfunding site World Wide Funder due to number of sketchy projects that are relaunching over there, such as Stalker Apocalypse. I encourage current crowdfunding enthusiasts, ...

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Elegy for a Dead World Reviewed


Elegy for a Dead World Reviewed by Amanda French Elegy for a Dead World is… strange, to say the least. Developed in collaboration by Dejobaan Games (AaAaAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, The Wonderful End of the World) and Popcannibal ...

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The Banner Saga Reviewed


The Banner Saga Reviewed by Amanda French With development for Banner Saga 2 officially announced, it’s the perfect time for a second look at the popular viking-themed tactical RPG game for the holidays. For those who have already beaten the ...

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A Brief History of Kenji Eno

Kenji Eno is a famed Japanese game developer who helped create such games as D2, Enemy Zero, Real Sound: Kaze no Regret with WARP inc.

A Brief History of Kenji Eno by Marcus Estrada There are innumerable great creators over all artistic disciplines, but there are always those who stand as incredibly unique amongst their peers. In the video game world, Kenji Eno was one ...

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Stalker Apocalypse. Worth The Risk?

Stalker Apocalypse is a new game that's crowdfunding on World Wide Funder from West Games, the creators of the controversial Areal Kickstarter.

Stalker Apocalypse. Worth The Risk? by Ahmad Khan Backers and S.T.A.L.K.E.R fans beware!  One of the most infamous developers to ever launch a Kickstarter campaign are back to crowdfunding, and they are off to their old tricks again. Yes, West ...

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