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    The Ultimate Five Nights at Freddy’s Guide

    Welcome to the Ultimate Five Nights at Freddy’s Guide! For as ultimate a 650 word guide can be. Five...

  • ponchologo

    Poncho Is Adding Depth to 2D Platformers

    Poncho Is Adding Depth to 2D Platformers by Emily Tofanelli Starring an adorable robot lost in the w...

Dinosaur? More like Dinosword!


It was an average day for a little green dinosaur by the name of Chompy. Perfectly comfortable and normal until he read the paper. His impending doom was stamped in bold, black lettering – an asteroid was fast approaching Earth ...

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Let Out Your Inner Engineer in Principia


Principia is an adventure-based puzzle and physics sandbox where just about anything is possible. This is your terrain, the place of robots, where trees can be grown and machinery constructed. Just about anything you can think of is creatable at your ...

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A Brief Aside


A brief non-gaming bit before we get back to our regularly scheduled news. Earlier this week my fantastically amazing mother Charlotte lost one of her sons to suicide.  Details and such are obviously not important, just that a caring, funny, ...

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Hands on with Heroes Never Lose


Hands on with Heroes Never Lose by Marcus Estrada Do you love action/puzzle games such as Puzzle Fighter and Puyo Puyo but wish they had more comic book flair? If so, Heroes Never Lose: Professor Puzzler’s Perplexing Ploy may just ...

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Chosen Space Redone and Crowdfunded


Back in 2006, Chosen Space, a free to play in browser space explorative MMO, launched and developed a strong community and base. After eight years, the developers have decided to revamp it with the help of Kickstarter. Twin Pixel has ...

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Enchanted Kingdom’s Changing Things Up


We’ve covered Enchanted Kingdom a few times here on Cliqist and it’s time for an update; we’re definitely long overdue for one. In August, CG Development decided to redo their Kickstarter campaign now that they have a better understanding of marketing and ...

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