A Marvelous Expedition in Expeditions: Conquistador


A Marvelous Expedition in Expeditions: Conquistador by Mitchell “Moe” Long Expeditions: Conquistador is a highly enjoyable strategy-role playing romp from Logic Artists. The Copenhagen based developers achieved full funding in September 2012, raising just over $7,000 more than their target of ...

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A Walk In The Long Dark


A Walk In The Long Dark by Marcus Estrada The Long Dark had a mightily impressive Kickstarter campaign last year. Hinterland Studios raised over $250,000 for their survival sim and have been rolling out the alpha to backers. Although there’s ...

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Weekenders Sunday News 8/31


Welcome back to Cliqist, everyone! It’s so nice to see your smiling faces back here, and to thank you for your continued loyalty to our great regime, I’m going to supply you with all the news you could possibly need ...

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Star Traders Sequel Docks On Kickstarter


The Trese Brothers have quite a few games under their belt and have more than proven what they’re capable of. For many years since the Star Traders release on the Google Play market, players have been asking for more. Now, ...

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Happy Birthday to.. Us!


It’s been now been one year since Cliqist was launched.  A lot has changed, and a lot has stayed the same.  We’ve added staff, lost staff.  We’ve got some things right, and a few things wrong.  Hopefully we’ve learned a ...

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The Art of Transistor


The Art of Transistor By Suzanne Verras Transistor is our August 2014 “Not Crowdfunded, But…” title.  For more Transistor content head over here. I’ve played Bastion and I enjoyed it, but I had not taken a peek at Transistor yet. I knew I had ...

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Sentris Early Access Review


Sentris Early Access Review By Marcus Estrada Rhythm and music-based games have always been close to my heart. Throughout the years people talked as if the genre died with Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but that was neither the start ...

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Build Your Mythology in Moon Hunters


What if all your choices determined your heroism? Every single action was spoken of, spread like wildfire from village to village, giving shape to a legend to last for ages. Your eternal resting place is among the stars. Kitfox Games ...

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Who Are the 24 Killers?


Todd Luke has over 20 games under his belt and he’s got another one in the works – this time it’s on Kickstarter. 24 Killers is a simulator roguelike game he created in Flash for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge ...

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Snow-Bound Shootout. Kôna VS The Long Dark


Snow-Bound Shootout. Kôna VS The Long Dark By Julie Morley Kôna, developed by Parabole from Quebec, launched on Kickstarter recently and there’s a lot of people excited about it.  Upon reading through the Kickstarter page and getting a feel for ...

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