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Alyssa Wejebe

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Alyssa Wejebe writes about games, reads about games, and plays them too. RPG, hack-and-slash, and fighting games are some of her favorite genres. She loves nonhuman characters. One of her earliest gaming memories center around battling her grandmother and younger brothers in “Super Bomberman 2” on the SNES.

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Alyssa Wejebe
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Successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2016, Saurian is a game fuelled by a wonderfully imaginative concept: players become dinosaurs. Currently available through Early Access on Steam, it’s a survival-simulator from the perspective of hatchling dinosaurs trying to live long enough to grow up. Urvogel Games…

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Alyssa Wejebe
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The hand-drawn 2D indie game trend seen with titles like Cuphead, Hollow Knight, and Indivisible continues with Guinea Pig Parkour, a game that recently hit its Kickstarter goal for Early Access. Developed and animated solely by Jeff Mumm, it’s a 2D platformer adventure following Joe, the…