Next step

The second wave of this process is the parliamentary vote on the adoption of a proposal to increase the amount of tax on gambling activities up to 35% of online casinos total gross revenue.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing economic crisis in Greece, the proposals are submitted to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Union (EU) in the hope of obtaining additional loans.

Private operators are confused

The Greek crisis is so serious that it interferes with the activities of private operators. The report of Amaya company for the third quarter of 2015 determined that existing in the country’s financial and fiscal problems greatly affect the volume of the expected decline in revenue.



Questionable legislation

The crisis has led to the emergence of controversial laws passed by the government. When the state sold its interest in participating in the activities of OPAP ISP, it was announced that current license would not be renewed, and at the same time there was an increase in fees for private companies that violates the policy, pursued by the EU. As a result, the EU Commission made it possible to adopt this law, however, warned of the possible occurrence of legal inconsistencies.


Among the questionable laws may also include changes in the governing principles of taxation by which happened almost intolerable situation for online poker clubs. In this situation, the income tax will be calculated and based on the amount of earnings in every 24 hours, and the financial loss of the next day will not be reimbursed at the expense of winning.

Problems with OPAP

The government hopes for further tax revenues from the placement of gambling terminals and video lotteries, but OPAP announced his intention to terminate the business in connection with its commercial incapacity, which is caused by the lack of acceptable tax proposals from the country. However, for a lot of users still available online casinos from different countries as well as mobile casinos at the moment.

The new hope

The new legislation, as promised, will take into account OPAP concerns, and it gives hope that a consensus can still be achieved. The world of Internet gaming carefully watching the situation and looks forward to its approval.