Contributor Corner

Looking to share your indie game, or thoughts on them, with the world? Consider becoming a contributor! Whether you’re a game developer, PR hack, or aspiring writer that words good we’d love to share your content with the world. Submissions can be developer diaries, news, a press release, Kickstarter announcements, editorials, reviews; the list goes on. While your initial contributions aren’t paid, it’s a great opportunity to gain experience that could lead to paid contributions in the future.

A few things you should keep in mind before jumping in.

  1. Adult games are ok to cover, but keep the screenshots PG13.
  2. No trolling or hate speach.
  3. Everything needs to be indie game related.
  4. Community content goes through light editing, so your typos are your own. If you’d like some guidance though we’re happy to help on Discord.

How’s it work? Easy!

  1. Email us expressing your interest in contributing and you’ll be sent a login.
  2. Review our Posting to Cliqist guide to help you with some of the technical aspects of publishing.
  3. Take a look at our Style Guide. It’s optional of course, but it could help with creating more compelling content.
  4. Join our Discord server to chat with the team and other contributors.
  5. Start submitting content! Just make sure you mark it as ‘Pending’ so we know it’s ready for publishing.

Have any questions? Pop on Discord and we’ll be happy to help!