Are you a developer, journalist, PR hack, or just a Kickstarter campaign data junkie?  Then welcome!  Cliqist is happy to provide you with some free Kickstarter campaign data to fill all of your needs.  The caveats?

  • Do not charge others for the data
  • That’s it!

Download it here:

[ddownload id=”31686″]

What’s in it for us?  First and foremost we’re huge fans of crowdfunding, obviously, and hope that having accurate, extensive, and readily available campaign data will help developers create better campaigns.  We’ll also be using the data to provide our readers with even better coverage of crowdfunded video games.  We also hope you’ll let people know where you got the data.  And finally, if a few kind souls decide to back us on Patreon then that’s a nice little bonus too!

An important thing to note about this data is that it captures information from the time the campaign ended.  That means you’ll see information on how many backer comments were made during the campaign, and how many updates the developer posted during the campaign.

We’ll be updating the file every month with new campaigns, so be sure to check back regularly for the most up to date data.  In addition to that we’ll be adding more fields and features as time goes on.

Notice any errors, or have any suggestions on how to improve the file?  Comment below or send us an email!

And, as always, we’d appreciate it if you’d consider supporting us on Patreon.

March 6 Update

  • Added Steam release details
  • Added Update Status column.   If “Delinquent” there hasn’t been an update to the campaigns Update section in 4+ months.
    • Has not been scraped for released products yet.

April 6 Update

  • No major changes other than new campaigns being added.

8000 campaigns (updated April 6 2016)

Campaign Data :

  • ID
  • Campaign Name
  • Status
  • Goal
  • $ Raised
  • Percent Raised
  • Currency
  • Kickstarter Loved
  • Campaign Length
  • Start Date
  • Start Day of Week
  • End Date
  • End Day of Week
  • Funding Video
  • # Of Videos
  • Images
  • GIFs
  • Backers
  • Updates During Campaign
  • Comments During Campaign
  • Facebook Linked
  • Risk Word Count
  • Campaign Words
  • Creator Location
  • Creator Backed
  • Creator Created
  • Average Per Backer
  • Creator Bio Link
  • Campaign Link
  • Creator Link
  • Update Status

Rewards Detail :

  • ID
  • Campaign Name
  • Price
  • Limit
  • Backers
  • Reward Revenue
  • Estimated Delivery
  • Description

Steam Detail :

  • Developer
  • Publisher
  • User Rating
  • Tags
  • Price
  • Review Count
  • Release Date
  • Steam URL