Maverick Hunters may contender for worst timing of the year.  This action platformer is described as a spiritual successor to Mega Man X.  Great!  It allows you to customize your hero in several ways, such as weapons and fighting techniques.  Fantastic!  It’s got some impressively large boss battles.  Super!


The Kickstarter Campaign started just three days after Mega Man’s daddy, Keiji Inafune, himself started a campaign to make a spiritual Mega Man successor.  Damn!  Maverick Hunters website hasn’t launch a full day into the campaign.  Shucks.  The funding page lacks a lot of info, including screenshots, even though the posted video has a lot of gameplay footage. Awwww.

On the plus side, Maverick Hunters only needs $5,000 to be fully funded, and it’s got 60 days to do it.  We’ll keep an eye on it to see what new information becomes available.  There’s plenty of room for more than one Mega Man boyish robot!

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