dcs3Few genres have been on the edge of extinction as consistenly as the flight sim.  Sure, there’s always a number of titles out there to play, but when you compare the flights sim scene of the early 90’s, to the sims available today it’s easy to see why fans of the genre are so rabid about every title they can get.

Based on how things have been progressing for the past week, it looks like we’ll have another title for sim fans to get excited about.  Or complain about; love and anger are emotions that go hand in hand in the sim community.  DCS WWII : Europe 1944 is in the early days of it’s Kickstarter campaign and it’s nearly at it’s $100,000 funding goal.  Developed as a joint venture including RRG Studios, and Eagle Dynamics, the project also brings the flight sim power trio of Oleg Maddox, Ilya Shevchenko, and Igor Tishin together to create what some are hoping is the definitive WWII flight sim to life.

dcs4With DCS WWII : Europe 1944 (or DCSWW2E44..?) the team is trying to capture the magic of the flight sims of old, complete with a spiral bound manual and insanely detailed training to deal with the flight modeling.  On top of all the features you would expect from a hard-core flight sim, DCSWW2Err has some other great feature hilights :

  • Ability to use historical flight manuals for each plane
  • Period correct geography
  • Single player campaign allowing for control of either Axis or Allied units
  • Participation in historical battles with historically accurate squadrons and aces
  • Dynamic weather
  • Mission and campaign editors

There’s only 5 flyable aircraft planned for the immediate future, but based on how these teams have done things in the past, you can count on there being a ton of post launch content.

The Kickstarter campaign for DCS WWII : Europe 1944 runs until October 5th, with a funding goal of $100,000.

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