What exactly is a Neo-Victorian Skirmish Squad?  Who cares?  Games don’t need to make sense to be fun.  Enter Neo-Victorian Skirmish Squad from Terncraft Gamesneovic2, makers of Thieving Tower.  NVSS is an RPG battle dice game set in John Brummel University, an institution that prides itself on “monsters, outdated technology, Battle Dice, charismatic zealots, traps, crumbling infrastructure, piles of dusty books.”  More to the point of the game, NVSS will contain 16 unique stages of dice based combat against a variety of supernatural creatures.  As players experience combat they’ll level up and be able to train and improve their dice.  The game is scheduled to be released early next year for every platform ever made.  Here’s some additional highlights from the Kickstarter campaign page :

  • Enhance your heroes with 12 unique Battle Dice.
  • Explore sixteen beautiful environments.
  • Battle ten terrifying and/or adorable monsters.
  • Enjoy a fully-realized, whimsical narrative.
  • Play as four enigmatic characters, each with unique abilities.
  • Promote your game with endless arena battle action.
  • Collect lore pages, and learn the secrets of the University.
  • Complete your beastiary, and study the creatures haunting JBU.
  • Unlock achievements, and achieve a greater sense of self-worth.

The NVSS Kickstarter page has a great video promoting their funding drive, and already has several updates full of additional information and screenshots.  The funding drive for NVSS runs until October 5th with a goal of $7,500.

Greg Micek

Greg Micek

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Greg Micek


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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
Greg Micek