Just halfway through their Kickstarter funding campaign for Battle Isle : Threshold Run, Stratotainment has officially cancelled the campaign.  Here’s the announcement :

Thank you for your interest in Battle Isle: Threshold Run. We have made a tough decision to cancel the campaign and continue self-funding the development of Threshold Run.

Stratotainment and Thunderdog are very excited about Threshold Run and to be a success, we acknowledge it does not belong in the Battle Isle franchise.

To our initial Backers, THANK YOU. We truly appreciate the support you have shown in your pledges and demonstrated your faith in us.

We also want to THANK all the ardent strategy fans who communicated privately and publicly to us, relaying how much you wanted a new Battle Isle title. We will announce the direction of the Battle Isle franchise in the future.

We plan on having a Threshold Run Open Beta before the end of the year. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to head over to our website and sign up for the Newsletter and you’ll be alerted when we go live.

Stratotainment Team

Looks like the team may have tried to go too far outside the scope of the original for their fan’s tastes.  Different platform, dodgy 3D graphics, change in setting, and dramatic control changes left some wondering whether it was even a Battle Isle game.  With only $3,797 of $75,000 raised since the campaign started on September 4th it’s doubtful the campaign would have succeeded.

Keep an eye on Stratotainment’s website for more news on Threshold Run, as it’s now known.

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