um2Another day, another underwater city simulator with laser sharks, and mustachioed dolphins in top hats.  Check out Eleventh Level Interactive’s Kickstarter page for Underwater Metropolis, it’s got the aforementioned sharks and dolphins and more!  In Underwater Metropolis you’re in charge of your very own underwater.. metropolis.  The title’s pretty descriptive actually.

Things are changed up a bit by the fact that your seatizens are all native, none of those pesky humans settling underwater.  As you would expect everyone is appropriately anthropomorphized, so you may very well have a starfish as sheriff chasing down a criminal jelly fish that just robbed a bank.  More mundane chores such as managing resources, happiness, staving off pollution, and growing your economy.  Think Bikini Bottom but with less nuclear fallout.

Here are some additional details courtesy of the funding page :


  • Grow and maintain your Metropolis’ Population, Economy and Safety
  • Completely customize your city including the layout of streets and buildings setting them to your liking and to suit your plans
  • Influence the politics and lifestyles of your Metropolites by assigning jobs to your specialists and workforce
  • Prepare and lead the defense of your city in the face of numerous undersea disasters
  • Manage crises ranging from low-level crime to natural disasters to insane Laser-shark attacks!
  • Mobilize your Metropolites and workforce to help overcome any challenges your Metropolis may face

The Underwater Metropolis Kickstarter page has the obligatory funding video, complete with snappy facial hair, but it’s light on game visualizations.  To see how things are looking so far make sure you check out their Design Breakdown video under the “The Game” section.  You can also check out their channel this Friday, September 20th, and chat them up.

The funding for Underwater Metropolis runs until October 17th and has a funding goal of $20,000.

Greg Micek

Greg Micek

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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
Greg Micek