mfl2The Kickstarter campaign for Mutant Football League started a few days ago, and they’re already fighting for yardage.

First a bit about the game itself.  As the spiritual successor to the classic Mutant League Football, it’s on a lot of people’s top ten list of games they want made.  Under the very experienced hand of the original’s creator, Michael Mendheim, the games team features a number of industry veterans.  The funding video is humorous, and gives some good information, as does the Kickstarter page itself.  Everything sounds great!

There’s problems though.  The Funding target is very aggressive at $750,000 for the base 360, PS3, IOS, and Android versions.  PC, Mac, and Linux versions would require an additional $500,000, while the Xbox One and PS4 versions are $2 million and $3 million stretch goals.  A football game for the PC that hasn’t shown any gameplay off costing $1.2 million is a tall order.  Add in that there’s been a lot of complaining in the messages about the rewards, as well as the large numbers, and people are excited for the wrong reasons.  The team, only 3 days into their campaign, have been put on the defensive.  They’re putting out fires in the messaging area.  They’ve removed the stretch goals so as to not lose sight of the original target.  And their first update was entirely focused on addressing complaints.

3 days in and $731,000 away from their $750,000 budget isn’t the end of the world, but it’s definitely time to call an audible.

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