dcs1Ilya Shevchenko posted a lengthy update to the DCS WWII : Europe 1944 Kickstarter board recently.  Although the team have surpassed their $100,000 target by about $5,000 with 11 days to go, Ilya lamented the mistakes they’ve make along the way.  It seems that part of the plan was to e deep into stretch goal territory at this point.

One of the issues that Ilya brings up is that they designed DCS WWII to attract first time or casual flight simmers, something they feel alienated the core sim crowd.  Combine that with a lack of press on the title and you’ve got a dangerous mix.  Here’s a clip from Ilya’s update :

As the kickstarter got started we realized it was all wrong, since we were doing something for people new to flight sims, expecting an influx of people who have never flown a plane in their life. Now that we’ve realized that this project can only succeed if we work with the dedicated flight sim fans, we’re redoing and scrapping everything to give you guys what you need. We know the clock is ticking, so it’s not a pleasant feeling.

The only remedy that Ilya mentioned in his update involved a comprehensive airplane video.  Other than that, no word on what they’re doing to cater to the hardcore.

We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more.

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