godf2Not every space combat game is called Star Citizen.  Hard to believe?  Check out GoD Factory : Wingmen from Nine Dots.  Tentatively scheduled for a March 2014 release, this space shooter / MOBA hybrid has been getting a good amount of press and positive buzz.  Players start with their own fully customizable ship that they keep and maintain between the games’ 4 vs 4 matches.  Once in the game the teams must work closely together to bring down the other side’s gigantic carrier, thus earning credits to further improve your ship.

Nine Dots has already put a huge amount of work into GoD Factory over the past two years, and are looking for money to help maintain their full time team.  Unlike many other projects looking for funding, you can download a build of GoD Factory and try it out for yourself; it already has a very engaged community that runs regular gaming sessions online from 9am – noon and 5pm – 9pm EST.  If downloading software isn’t your thing, you at least owe it to yourself to check out their funding video, which comes complete with a ton of gameplay footage.

The Kickstarter campaign for GoD Factory : Wingmen runs until October 18th and has a funding goal of $70,000.

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