escapists2The guy that brought you the cute side scroller, Spuds Quest, has decided to go a completely different direction with his next game.  The Escapists is about escaping from prison.  As far as elevator pitches go, it’s a brief one.

The Escapists features a cutesy top down view to help you get a great look at the riots you’re starting, the guards you’re attacking, and the showers.  On to some game features!

As you would expect you’ll have to use a range of skills to make you escape, so in addition to being a good digger and fighter, you’ll need to tracks guard’s schedules, read up in the library, and much more.  The game is inspired by the classic ZX Spectrum title Skool Daze, which may not have gotten much love here in the states, but is considered a classic across the pond.  If you’re a fan of that classic series, or just prison in general, you owe it to yourself to check out The Escapists.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Escapists runs until November 28th and has a funding goal of £3,000.

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