The guy that brought us the very addicting Pocket Ninjas is back with another game, this time it’s got zombies.

Wait!  Stay there for just a couple minutes.  I know you’re getting tired of zombie games, we all are; they’re the WW2 games of the ‘10s.  However!  Even if a genre, setting, or theme is tired, that doesn’t mean there can’t be great games that come out of it, so give this one a chance.

You’re still here?  Great!  Check out Zombie Mode.

 zombie mode2

This gruesome, but strangely adorable, looking side scroller stars a guy that had his face chewed off by a zombie, eeewww!.  As he fights through hordes of zombies our hero will have the opportunity to unlock new faces and weapons, as well as find survivors that give side missions.  New faces!  Ewwww!.  Moving from room to room the game will offer up a new random room each time with one of three possible gameplay variants.  The standard mode basically has you killing everything you see while racing to get a battery power-up that will kill everything and allow you to move to the next room.  Next is hazard, which is the same as standard mode but with environmental hazards that can damage your character, as well as the zombies.  Finally there are boss battles, where you’ll face off against one of twelve unique baddies in order to continue the adventure.

The Kickstarter campaign for Zombie Mode just started today and runs until November 28th.  The goal is to raise $23,000 so the developer work on it full time to complete it sooner.

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