scratching postSometimes on Kickstarter you’ll run into some strange campaigns, then there’s The Scratching Post.  Described as an animated interactive (intercative?) Choose Your Own Adventure style experience, The Scratching Post follows the adventures three cats as they just try to get by.  But it’s not as simple as drinking cream and finding a place to nap, this description from the Kickstarter page should give you an idea of the strangeness you’ll be in for :

 The story begins when Alley Cat seeks respite from the sun on the hottest day of the year, unaware that his actions break a perpetual cycle of territory marking established hundreds of years ago.

You can play the first chapter in your web browser for yourself at this link, just be ready for some strangeness.  The second chapter is instantly available to anyone that backs on the second tier, which is about $10.

Normally I’d have much more to say, but frankly you should check it out yourself.  It sure is.. something.

The Scratching Post Kickstarter campaign runs until November 27th, and has a funding goal of £1,000.

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