treasurebear1Here’s one you may have already played, but not the way the developer intended.  Treasurebear is a game that started out as a contest entry for game creation software Stencyl, and was somewhat inadvertently leaked to the world at large.  It’s a fun side scroller featuring a husky bear named Barry, then there’s Chester, his sentient treasure chest friend.  Together they explore colorful lands solving puzzles, defeating enemies, and most importantly gathering loot.  The game features a wide variety of powerups and special moves to assist players along the way, including a coin powered chain-gun and some hilarious scuba gear.

So if you’ve already played Treasurebear for free why back it?  As well received as the Stencyl version of the game was, it doesn’t approach the length and overall quality the developers at Bear and Boar are striving for on the full project.  It’s unfortunate that the web version of Treasurebear became so popular, as it may make people somewhat reluctant to back this full version. Hopefully they’ll just want more though, especially after learning about the improvements over the previous version, many of which can be seen in the Kickstarter video.

If you’re willing to give the game a second shot then you can back Treasurebear between now and January 3rd.

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