cashtronauts3Cashtronauts looks like a game I would draw on my paper bag covered books in junior high.  That’s not a bad thing, quite the opposite in fact; it looks like my tween fantasy come to life.  One of them anyway.  Zipping through the void of space in nimble little ships as they blast anything that moves, it’s a sensation that isn’t found very often these days.  Then you throw in split and quad-screen multiplayer and you’ve got all the entertainment you need for a weekend slumber party.


Pew! Pew! Pew!

However, Cashtronauts looks like it’s taking the book cover design fantasy and is taking it beyond blasting.  You can choose to play a bit more strategically and focus on collecting look from debris, as well as your vanquished friends.  Toss in some retro-but-not-pixely graphics, an 80’s arcade soundtrack, and a playable demo that’s available now and you’ve got a pretty promising game seeking funding.

How much?  $10,000 so that the developer, Simon Préfontaine, can get some additional art, software, and sound.  If you want to help out make sure you do so before the Kickstarter campaign ends on February 26th.

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