LONGNI_1We all make mistakes, right? But what if those mistakes led you to a life where you just couldn’t recognize yourself anymore? A mistake where you were moving down a path heading towards a life you did not want.

Ever wanted to go back in time and just live within a memory, over and over, stuck in that moment forever? No one grows up, no one grows old; there is no such thing as responsibility or worry. Just free to explore, experiment, and grow?

Of course so, sign me up. Sign everybody up. That sounds amazing.

LONGNI_3When you’re at the end of everything, you’ll want to hold onto anything you can to get back what was cherished. And that’s just what Mae did.

All Mae wants to do is break stuff, be reckless, and live in old memories of her friends.

Mae turned her life in a completely different direction when she dropped out of college and returned to her home town. She discovers that she is not the only one moving in a separate direction with her life. Her old friends have started moving further and further into their own. But to her surprise, in the midst of her desire for living in memories, she develops a special ability that lets her explore her home town in a new light. A mystery is uncovered and all signs point towards the woods. It’s up to Mae and her friends to figure out what is going on in Possum Springs.

LONGNI_4Recently, Infinite Fall released a small demo on their webpage for their current crowdfunded game, Night in the Woods. It provides an introduction to the what the world of the game is exactly like. The player is introduced to the characters in a mini-game that is designed as a dream sequence Mae is having. She is reestablishing communications with old friends and living through something they have previously done together, look at the constellations.

It becomes a puzzle game for the player, challenging them to find musical sounds that resemble one another and connect them in a game of connect the dots. Once together, each cluster would form a constellation of some sort that Angus would describe the story behind. Amongst conversation with the other characters, they would mention things they remember based off the legends or  take a jab at one another. It really gave a sense of real relationships amongst the group and felt completely natural to witness unfolding.

LONGNI_5It’s a very positive experience and most notably, a beautiful one. This scene is designed with a sense of wonder for the player as they progress from constellation to constellation. The campfire and constellations pop, all the colors working on a palette where they are complimenting one another. All together, it is a breathtaking and memorable scene. It felt like your typical summer night with friends, looking at the stars.

It gives me an understanding of why she clutches the memory dearly. At the end of everything, hold onto anything.


You can learn more about Night In The Woods on it’s official website. ¬†While you’re there you can download the Longest Night, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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