The Blackmore conspiracy theory

The Blackmore conspiracy theory

We spoke of Blackmore a couple weeks back; it’s a steampunk adventure game from Jeremy Blaustein and a variety of ex and current Konami staffers; a number of which were responsible for the classic Snatcher.  Since then the Blackmore Kickstarter page has been update with some screenshot mockups so we have a bit more to go off of other than some concept art.  In the discussion area talk has gravitated towards a conspiracy theory that says the game is a marketing ploy by Hideo Kojima, creator of Snatcher, the Metal Gear series, and fan of cheeky marketing.  The resident conspiracy theorists state that people aren’t putting money towards the campaigns’ $200,000 goal because they don’t want to just fall for some marketing gimmick.

Take a look at the screenshots below, and then look at the image explaining the conspiracy theory.  What’s your guess on why Blackmore is falling short of funding?


blackmoretest1 blackmoretest2

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