killthebadguy1A good physics/puzzle game is hard to come by, and run-of-the-mill games like Angry Birds pigeonhole the genre and define it as something shallow and marketable, the gaming equivalent of snack food. Ynnis Interactive, the people who brought us the crowdfunded space combat game Strike Suit Zero, are looking to change that by redefining the genre and making it an in-depth and deliberate challenge, instead of an exercise in trial and error.

Kill the Bad Guy revolves around the identification and subsequent… disposal of what the game simply refers to as “Bad Guys”. Bad Guys can be anything from ex-cons to murderers, war criminals, crime lords and more. You pose as an innocent man on the street, but little do the Bad Guys know, you’re up to no good. Distracting the Bad Guys, redirecting their paths, and killing them is only half of the game. You have to make it look like an accident, and that’s where the puzzle aspects really shine. Simply killing a Bad Guy in the street isn’t going to be enough, and Bad Guys aren’t stupid; make a mistake, and they won’t forget it.

Kill the Bad Guy was Greenlit on Steam in a remarkably short amount of time, but it still has a ways to go before it reaches its Kickstarter goal. Kill the Bad Guy plays the tune of a clever and fresh puzzle game, and the way the game’s put together makes it perfect for community-driven content, so if you are a fan of setting complicated traps for the lowest of horrible scum, you might want to keep your binoculars pointed at Kill the Bad Guy.

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