redsolstice2The future of space exploration is almost never approached as a happy subject in videogames, there’s always a tidy mix of blood, despair, weapons, and futility.  So how about The Red Solstice from Croatian developers Ironward; does it cast a positive light on Martian terraforming, exploration, and interaction with alien species?

Hell no, it’s all about kill or be killed, and that’s alright, because The Red Solstice looks pretty entertaining just the way it is.  The game features an in-depth back story that someone undoubtedly spent a lot of time thinking of, but, and no offense to the story creator, you’re not going to be playing for the narrative.  You’ll be playing for the 8 player co-op Alien Shooter style carnage that features a variety of weapons, an open world map, base customization, and 8 character classes.  Did I mention that one of the character classes is called “Terminator”?

While the fact that this is Ironward’s first game may give you reason for pause be sure to take the gameplay heavy Kickstarter video into account, it shows a large variety of scenarios, environments, and some great looking enemies.  If you’re still not on board you can always download the playable demo the team has made available.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Red Solstice runs until April 20th and has a funding goal of $50,000.

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