strompingland1On the 21st, developer Alex Fundora last updated the backers of his dinosaur-riding action survival title, The Stomping Land, and we can’t wait for his next update later in April. He’s already told us all about the full-on dinosaur combat in pretty excellent detail, and you can read everything right here if you’re so inclined, but for those without the time to dive right in, here are the highlights of The Stomping Land’s March updates…

First, we learned about the game’s super-tense survival mechanics, where you must hunt and scavenge from dinosaurs, most of which you cannot kill and who can kill you instantly. You’ll also be competing with other hunters who are just as hungry and scared as you are. On Day 2, we learned about tracking your prey in an inventive and highly realistic yet original way: looking for footprints. Each footprint is unique to a dinosaur, and it may not always be a good idea to follow.  Day 3 showed off the game’s stealth, camouflage, and customization. All of them are the same thing, another touch of realism, and great for tense strategy. We learned about weapons and skillsets on Day 4, introducing us to our only means of defense. Weapons can kill, hurt, stun, and mark enemies for easier tracking. Days 5 and 6 finished off March with a bang, displaying the constantly evolving world and the ability to ride dinosaurs into battle against quarry you could never kill alone.

In April, we’ll be getting another update on the status of The Stomping Land, successfully funded in June and currently under development by Alex Fundora.


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