inochi2I am a huge sucker for customization, and if you’re of the same predilection, you’ll be wanting to keep a close eye on the (hopefully) upcoming Inochi Project by Forward For. Inochi Project has a couple different customization options that are less akin to an online game and more at home in a game like Spore, but Forward For hopes to bring that level of unqiue character creation into the realm of online gaming for players to truly establish an identity through some of the most unique character designs I’ve seen in a while.

Inochi Project is centered entirely on character customization, so if that isn’t your bag, this may not be the game for you, but for everyone else, stay tuned. Inochi Project allows you to mix and match body parts from a massive multitude of robotic animals called Ani-Mechs to create your own creature. Millions of possibilities abound as you adventure as a creature that is truly unqiue on a quest to become even more unique, acquiring parts and accessories through shops, battles, and guests in town. You can even customize your very own home and training area, obtaining parts in the same fashion Combat will be turn-based RPG, built on an ever-expanding move pool, and gameplay will be online, so you can connect with your friends and trot around town as a big posse of animal robots tailored to your exact tastes.

Inochi Project, as ambitious as it is, has set their initial funding goal at a cool £30,000, and if you choose to back the project, you can pin down some great backer-only parts and color schemes for your character. For more information, including a playable demo, go on over to the Kickstarter page and see if this is something you’d like to see become a reality.


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Nathaniel Liles
Nathaniel Liles is a freelance writer, writing major, and indie musician based in Southern Indiana. While procrastinating or avoiding real-world responsibility, Nathaniel enjoys playing rhythm games, action RPGs, and very colorful games with many bright, flashing lights. You can listen to Nathaniel sing songs or download his music for free at
Nathaniel Liles